Mm... this IS a tasty burger!

5 Burger Ideas To Cure Your Craving

A classic burger is a simple thing – just meat, heat, and two halves of a hearty bun.

But honestly, when was the last time you fancied a burger like that? As far as takeaway dishes go, burgers are famously customizable – just about anything goes when it comes to burger toppings, so why stick with just a splash of ketchup or a simple slice of cheese to get the party started? What you want are some tasty toppings and unexpected twists to ensure that your burger is certain to satisfy the craving you’ve been having all day.

There’s a whole load of tantalizing add-ons, extras and mouthwatering mutations available to the discerning customer in the market for a mindblowing burger – here’s just a few burger ideas to get you started!

Hungry now? Grab a burger here!

1. Go for blue cheese

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Ditch the usual mild slice and get the real McCoy of the cheese world with a blue cheese topping. With a more salty, savoury flavour and a much richer aroma, this is a no-brainer for when you want to chow down on a burger that’s just a little bit more gourmet.

One to try: The Blue Cheese Burger from Burgers Off Broadway, Fulham

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2. Switch it up with tender lamb

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Where’s the beef, you ask? It’s taking a break for a while – in the meantime, lamb is taking over as the alternative burger patty that you just have to experience.

Often created in a Moroccan style and infused with mouthwatering herbs and spices, they’re the perfect exotic alternative to your regular meat fix.

One to try: The lamb burger from O! Burger, London – served with delicious minted feta cheese

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3. Let peri peri light your fire

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Forget the basic chicken burger – go one step further and feel the ferocious heat of peri peri!

Marinated to spicy perfection and loaded with fresh salad and cooling mayonnaise, this is a burger that’s bursting with flavour and sure to satisfy your heat cravings.

One to try: The peri peri burger meal deal from Burger Time, Huddersfield

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4. Go totally Mexico

I’m a big fan of the classic chilli burger (you know, where the patty is smothered with a heart helping of chilli con carne), but here’s the classy alternative – the Mexicano, stacked high with spicy chorizo sausage, smoked applewood cheddar, melted swiss cheese, fresh salad and a fiery slathering of chilli sauce.

One to try: The Mexicano Hot from SmoQue Grill, Brighton

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5. Combine bacon + avo for spectacular results

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Some things are just meant to go together. On curry night, it’s poppadoms and mango chutney. During a Chinese feast, it’s prawn toast and sweet and sour sauce. But for burger night – and it is burger night, right? – it’s got to be the super hip combo of crispy bacon and fresh avocado that takes top billing.

It’s the perfect mix of smoky and smooth that makes for the classy burger experience that you’re craving after – truly the combo of toppings for the future.

One to try: The smoking avo beef burger from Braw Burgers, Edinburgh

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