5 Delicious Reasons to Order Chinese This Valentine’s!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to have the all-important debate – which takeaway cuisine is most perfect for couples getting all luvvy duvvy in 2018?

To my mind, it’s should all be about Chinese feasts when 14th February rolls around. The ultimate in satisfying takeaway, a truly indulgent combo of tempting starters, mains and sides are the perfect way to batten down the hatches and have a proper enjoyable Valentine’s night in.

It’s super shareable

Chinese cuisine boasts some of the nation’s most moreish and craved-for snacks, from crunchy spring rolls to irresistible prawn toast – made all the more delicious with a generous helping of sweet chilli dip!

It’s super saucy

Most of us get food cravings from time to time, and the most common one in our house is for our favourite saucy Chinese mains.

From mouthwatering sweet and sour chicken to umami-packed beef in black bean sauce, every Chinese feast is sure to hit the sweet spot.

It’s sophisticated

Need to impress this Valentine’s Day? Need to show your partner that you’re all about the new experiences? Then throw caution to the and and get down with delicious dim sum.

Steamed, succulent sui mai, won tons and char sui bau are all yours for the offering when you hit the dim sum menu. Don’t forget the dips!

It’s… constructive?

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If you’re ordering Chinese this Valentine’s but you’re not going for the deeply moreish crispy duck pancakes, you’re making a mistake. A big mistake.

Getting involved and building your own duck pancakes with fresh greens and smoky hoisin is the perfect way to break the ice on the 14th. And, most importantly, they’re absolutely bloomin’ dee-lish.

It’s Chinese New year!

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Hot on the heels of Valentine’s Day in 2018 is Chinese New Year, celebrating the arrival of the year of the dog, and, with it, beautiful splashes of vibrant colour as cities up and down the landmark the occasion with fabulous parades and street parties.

What better excuse is there than to say you’re getting in your celebrating early and making Valentine’s all about Chinese? It just makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?