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We’re always adding more irresistible, locally-loved takeaways to the hungryhouse platform, from late night kebab houses that help round off your Friday night out with something to line your stomach, to gourmet sandwich shops and deli’s that are perfect for when you’re looking to grab something for a quick working lunch.

For this post however, we’ve decided to go seasonal – in the spirit of the fast approaching Chinese New Year, we’ve decided to do a round-up of some of the finest new Chinese takeaways on hungryhouse. Whether you’re in the mood for some smoky hoisin duck pancakes to enjoy as a quick snack, or you’ve got people coming round for a bit of a feast, you’ll find something to satisfy your hunger here!

Ho Lok

318 Ballards Lane, London, N12 0EY

Satay Chicken

A perfect starter – chicken satay (via)

When it comes to starters, Chinese cuisine wins hands down when it comes to range and tastiness. The Ho Lok is a case in point – their menu boasts a range of mixed starter platters that combine seaweed and spring rolls with moreish salt and pepper spare ribs and sweet, nutty chicken satay skewers. They also serve a mean crab claw starter – the meat is battered and deep fried like a Spanish croqueta, and is soft, tender and fragrant.

The Ho Lok offers all the Chinese classics, and more besides – one of the Chef’s Specials for example, the Dragon Phoenix, comprises chicken and king prawns in a spicy stir fry that is just crying out to be feasted upon.
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Star River

46 Front Street, County Durham, DH2 3LL

bambooo water chestnut


If you need something meaty in your life, Star River should be your first port of call. Their menu is long, impressive and allows you to customise your order to suit your taste. Select whatever two meats you fancy, choose a style of Chinese cooking, and bingo – you’ll be stuffing yourself silly in no time. Beef and chicken in fiery kung po sauce? Don’t mind if I do!
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Crystal Dragon, Plymouth

10-11 Southside Street, Plymouth

Szechuan Fish


Trust a port town like Plymouth to offer great seafood – at the Crystal Dragon, the menu is full of fishy dishes that are sure to impress and satisfy any hankering you might feel for prawns, squid and scallops.

For something more on the poultry side, they also have a great range of roast duck dishes cooked in sweet, fruity sauces – roast duck with ginger and pineapple, and in both tangy orange and plum sauces. For an instant feast with minimal decision-making required, head to the bottom of the menu to get your mitts on one of their huge set dinners for two, three or four people.
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Bill’s Kitchen

263 Castle Road, Chatham, ME4 5JA

Fired Rice


Bill’s Kitchen offers a unique, authentic spin on classic Chinese takeaway dishes, that possibly accounts for this new hungryhouse restaurant’s instant popularity. On their eclectic, extended menu you’ll find barbecue spare ribs glazed in honey, and delicious crab meat and sweetcorn soup alongside the ubiquitous chicken and sweetcorn version.

Go for the shrimp fried rice as your side dish if you’re want something a little heftier than egg, yummy though that is. For something with a kick, go for their glorious lemon chicken. For something laid back and simple, grab one of their lovely omelettes, which can be packed with whatever meaty filling your heart desires.
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