Does Size Matter? World’s Record Breaking Food

Whether it’s due to freakish natural causes, over competitive cooks, or a fund-raising effort, big food happens. From an onion bhaji weighing over 100kg, to 37.4m diameter pizza, this record breaking food will either leave you hungry or horrified.

World’s Largest Burger

Created in where else but the USA, this mammoth meat medallion heaved between a ginormous bun, weighed a whopping 153kg.

Mallie’s Sports Grill and Bar in Southgate have created and beaten their own Guinness World Record three times now, with their most recent burger accomplishment made just last year.


The Mallie’s junior burgers with latest record

You can order their beastly burgers, but you’ll want to give them notice, and have a spare ¬£1,300.

Whatever you do, don’t mention the name Mallie’s to the cows in Detroit…

For more big burger images head to Mallie’s website


World’s Largest Pizza

No not created in Italy but actually in South Africa, back in 1990. The gigantic pizza weighed 400kg, with a diameter of 37m, 8 inches. Although the record was set 12 years ago, it’s yet to be broken.

See for yourself

Largest Taco

Gives the term ‘full of beans’ a whole new meaning. During the 100th anniversary celebrations of the city of Mexicali in 2003, the 750kg beast was constructed over six hours (no siesta break included). Made up of 536kg of grilled steak, 84.82 kg of dough, 81.2 kg of onion and 48.25 kg of coriander, and of course guacamole, 100kg of it in fact, It took eight grills and over 80 people to construct the tremendous taco.

Biggest Curry

Now this would have been a fragrant feat… The biggest curry was made in the UK of course, by Abdul Salam of the Eastern Eye Restaurant in Lichfield, in 2005.

The flavour of the 10.3 tonne curry wasn’t specified, but no matter what it was, no doubt the smell of curry in the air was prominent for a good few weeks

Let’s hope there was enough naan to go around.

One big curry! Image, Abdul Salam

Largest onion Bhaji

As part of the Curry Capital of Britain Awards in 2011, a team of cookery students from Bradford College and Prashad Restaurant created a 102.2kg onion bhaji.

Despite the abnormal size, the team made sure the many layers were cooked so that it would be edible. In the end the length of the bhaji was 40.94 inches, the width 29.62 inches and the height was 12.20 inches.

Bradford’s beast of a bhaji. Image, Narinder Bhardwaj

Photo courtesy Narinder Bhardwaj

Longest Sandwich

It’s no surprise the bread needed to be transported to the table by two cranes, as in the end the sandwich measured 634.5m.

Created by Pietro Catucci and Antonio Latte of EuroSpin in Mottola, Taranto, Italy on 7 August 2004, the mega sandwich was filled with 547 kg of salami and mortadella, and finished off with mayonnaise and tuna, all up weighing a hefty 547 kg.

The strange tuna and salami combo didn’t seem to phase the 19,000 people who chowed down once it was done, although they did have 500 litres of wine to wash it down with.

The sandwich was created as a fund-raising effort to raise money for the Food Bank which was recently destroyed by a fire.

Feature image by Steve Snodgrass