mmmm...lobster roll!

Fast Food Confessions

1. If it’s not good…don’t eat it.

Obviously we wouldn’t know anything about this “not-good food”, but we’ve heard rumours that such things exist.


2. There’s something even faster than takeaway??

We’re gonna let you in on a highly guarded trade secret: our restaurant partners are experts-bar-none at getting delish, lip-smacking food to your door in superhuman amounts of time. But, yes, there’s one thing that’s just as delicious and even faster.

We’ll give you a hint. It starts with having eyes a bit too big for your stomach…


…and ends with tasty, tasty 🌟takeaway leftovers🌟!

3. Sometimes we ruin our supper…by snaccident.

Shocking, we know. Serious snackfession. Forgive me Father, for I have snacked.

But like our momma always said, “snaccidents happen”.

4. Sleep & food: necessary partners in life/crime

As accomplished as we are in the eating department, we’re at least 🥈silver medalists🥈 when it comes to snoozing. 😴
Sleep: that glorious time machine to breakfast. Never suffer through the horrible period between midnight nosh and breaky-brunch again!

5. The best tippers have something to hide

When my delivery driver brings me my family-sized chicken bucket meal with extra extra sides and doesn’t blink when I’m clearly home alone?
= Extra extra tips lining his pockets.

6. Meat-eater or vegetarian?
It doesn’t really matter.

But if you don’t like chips…WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU??

7. Every day is cheat day.


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