10 Reasons to Feel Like Chicken Tonight

As anyone who has ever tucked into a piping hot, spicy and, frankly, delicious wing will tell you, fried chicken is the real deal when it comes to treat food. The perfect combo of flavoursome spice, crispy, yet reassuringly oily crust and moist meat makes this the meal of choice for mopping up beers, sharing with the family over Saturday night sitcoms or simply a romantic Tuesday for two.

But what if we were to tell you there were more ways than one to enjoy your fried chicken fix? That’s right, chicken is having a ‘moment’, so hold tight, and get ready to fly through the hottest chicken trends around right now.

1. Fried Chicken and Waffles

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This spectacular combo is the very best of true southern style soul food, and if you really want to please your soul, be sure to add a glug of maple syrup. (Yep, it really is that delicious. It’s ok, you can thank me later.)

2. Fried Chicken and Biscuit

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You’d be forgiven for thinking I’ve posted a picture of a chicken wing in a scone, but no, that’s a buttermilk biscuit. I’m not talking custard creme, but another southern, soul food staple that’s been a worthy accompaniment to fried chicken ever since a chicken found itself in the frying pan.

3. Caramelised Wings

Malaysian style caramelised chicken really packs a hot punch, but it’s also so sweet and sticky that even the wimpiest spice eater won’t be able to resist a second drumstick.

4. Karaage

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Similar to tempura, the Japanese version of fried chicken is Karaage, where small pieces of chicken are marinated and lightly fried in oil. Just like the fried chicken we know and love.

5. Chicken Burger

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Sometimes a beef burger is just not what you’re after. So clearly the next obvious choice should always be a chicken burger. Really, what’s not to love about a juicy, boneless breast, doused in ketchup and cradled in a fat fluffy bun? Want one right now? Try Pizza Land, Birmingham

6. Korean Style Wings

South Korean anything is good, but especially when it’s chicken wings that have been generously coated in ginger, chilli, soy and sesame flakes before being triple fried in true Korean style.

7. Chicken Tikka

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Chicken and tikka are words that belong together, rather like ‘peas and carrots’ or ‘bread and butter’, but forget a plate of chicken tikka curry with rice, why not try the combo prepared a little differently, like in a wrap perhaps… In fact, you can get a rather good one from Saudies in Sheffield!

8. Beer Battered Chicken Wings

Well, you’d probably be eating them with a beer anyway wouldn’t you, so why not kills two birds and enjoy some of that beer in the batter.

9. Classic Chicken and Chips

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But really, no matter how many fancy chicken dishes you try, the simple yet consistently wonderful classic – deep fried chicken and chips – will always be the style you crave after a night at the pub. Treat yourself here: Chicken Cottage, London

10. Fried Chicken Doughnut

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And finally, dessert. Dare I say it, but surely this could only come from America? Thanks guys, it’s delicious!

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