5 Outrageous Curry Mashups to Celebrate Curry Week

Sometimes nothing beats a spicy, creamy curry accompanied by a steaming side of rice and a stuffed naan, just the way an Indian should be served. And preferably from one of the UK’s favourite curry houses. As National Curry Week gets underway, we’re sure to be seeing the best of the best of British Curry in the spotlight, and we’re the first in line to celebrate! Not that this should surprise anyone.

However curry crazy we are, there seems there are some enthusiastic curry fans out there who think their tikka and tandoori needs to be shaken up a little bit. Cue the most outrageous curry mashups of all time.

The Curry Cocktail

Curry cocktail

An Indian Tache (via)

It’s a glaringly obvious combination. Who doesn’t love a cocktail? Who doesn’t love a curry? Well duuuh, that means everyone should love a curry cocktail, right? The Indian Tach, a cocktail made with spicy curry syrup and itigori red pepper was first created in the South Kensington based bar Barts, and you can even order it in a top hat for two.

The Curry Pot Noodle

pot noodle

The height of culinary curry style… (via)

The quickest curry on the market. Ideal for those who have no time to sit back and smell the roses (or have never tasted an authentic, delicious and actually nutritious curry). A real compromise of a curry mashup – it’s not often you will come across noodles on the menu of an Indian restaurant, but then again, you usually have to wait more than two minutes for your meal. And let’s be honest, the sachet of mango chutney really adds that ‘above and beyond’ level of service.

Curry ice cream


Definitely one to add to the ‘to taste’ list (via)

Curry ice cream first came to my attention thanks to National Ice Cream day last year, and I am yet to have a taste, but it’s described as ‘exotic’ with a sweet, coconutty hint. Yum, I say. Still not sure what flavour I would combine it with in my double cone though…

Curry Pizza

Curry Pizza


Let’s take a moment to celebrate the 21st Century; it seems to have become perfectly acceptable to smother a dollop of curry sauce over a thin crust pizza base and bake it in a wood-fired oven. It’s safe to say the original Neapolitan pizza guys would be turning in their graves upon seeing this degradation of their tomato-mozzarella speciality, but who cares, the curry pizza is damn delicious!

Chips and curry sauce

curry and chips


This is a combo that never fails to divide the room. There are those that swear by it, and even encourage a sprinkling of cheese to boot, and there are those who turn their noses up at anything beyond salt and vinegar. There’s a whole Wikipedia page dedicated to fish & chips, and curry sauce gets a mention, so we know it’s legit, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. (Give me mushy peas any day.)

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