Chinese New Year starters

Bag A Freebie This Chinese New Year!

Happy year of the dog, takeaway fans! This Friday will see towns and cities up and down the country turn red and vibrant with street parties and parades to mark the arrival of Chinese New Year.

Traditionally, the new lunar year is welcomed with grand feasts and, importantly, the giving of gifts to your nearest and dearest.

And seeing as February is also the Month of Love here at hungryhouse, we’ve decided you deserve to get your hands on some of the finest Chinese freebies available up and down the land.

Loads of our restaurant partners will be trying to win your Chinese New Year order with hot freebies and great deals on your favourite Chinese dishes. Scroll down to see just a handful of our favourites, or enter your postcode to find freebies near you :)

Sizzling Salt and Pepper Wings

The thought of most Chinese starters is enough to get my tongue wagging, and succulent salt and pepper wings are no exception. Spicy, crispy and chunky, they’re a great opening act for any Chinese feast.

What’s more, at Ling Hing in Glasgow you are treated to a whole portion of these beauties absolutely FREE whenever you spend £28 or more.

Snaffleable Spring Rolls

Free mini spring rolls over 15

Is there any more classic starter in the world of takeaway? Perfect when paired with a sweet chilli dip, spring rolls are the Chinese side dish to fight over.

Bag a portion for FREE whenever you spend over £15 at Morton’s ever-popular Hot Wok.

A Saucy Main

We all have that one Chinese main course that we crave from time to time. Personally, I find myself craving a hearty helping of crispy chilli beef every now and then – and if I don’t get it, there’ll be hell to pay I tells ya.

Super Wok in Kingsbury pretty much guarantees that one person will eat for free at your next Chinese feast, by offering a whole whopping main course – whichever you fancy – whenever you spend £30.

Prawn Toast

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If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, in all honesty it might have to be prawn toast. Everything from the enticing aroma, mouthwatering flavour and gorgeous texture makes prawn toast just so impossibly moreish.

At Dragon Kitchen in West Bromwich, you can bag yourself a whole freaking portion, along with a big bottle of coke whenever you spend £37 or more.

A Meaty Treat

Delicacy Bar in Denton has an irresistible deal for all carnivorous takeaway fans – a whole helping of tender ribs to help you gnaw your way through Chinese New Year whenever you hit the £25 mark. Enjoy!