On the House: The Best Freebies in January

It’s true, January is a long, long, traditionally joyless month – but then again, what better time to get a FREE tasty treat from one of your legendary local takeaways?

Every month, we round up just a handful of our favourite giveaways from our restaurant partners – those cheeky freebies that can help turn a takeaway into a full-blown feast! Loads of restaurants dish out great freebies to entice you – here are just a few! :)

A tasty, crispy starter

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Perhaps you’re used to free popadoms on curry night (which is pleasing enough of course), but some curry houses, such as Marharba in Slaithwaite, are willing to turn their freebie game up a notch.

Simply spend £15 or more on their ever-popular curries, biriyanis or tandoori dishes to get your hands on a delicious starter of freshly made onion bhajis, absolutely free!

A cheeky Chinese treat

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Any meal of sweet & sour chicken, beef in blackbean sauce or crispy duck is improved by a tasty side dish of salt and chilli chips, wings, or ribs.

And the Far East takeaway in Giffnock in willing to get help you on your way to takeaway satisfaction by dishing out a full helping of mouthwatering salt and chilli ribs to every customer who spends more than £28 on a Chinese feast. You deserve it.

A pizza party portion

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Pizza? Yes please. Sides? Of course!

Adding a side dish makes pizza night truly indulgent, and, like pizza, the best sides are as shareable as they are tasty. Parma Pizza in Twickenham know this, and this is why they happily dish out a hearty portion of either wedges or wings (your choice!) whenever you spend £9.50 or more.

A dishy dessert

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Rest assured – at Franky’s in Bootle, they’ve got the dessert you deserve covered!

All customers who spend £20 or more are treated to an irresistible helping of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream to round everything off – who could say no to that?

Bonus booze

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OK – it’s not often that takeaway orders become as big as this (unless you live in our of those households with shedloads of people like in Home Alone), but it’s good to know that, when you’re spending some serious coin, you’re going to be treated to some great bonuses.

At Basilico in Finchley, all orders over £85 are rewarded with a tasty bottle of prosecco – just the tipple to enjoy while making sure your massive American family is being well fed.