Exploring Cardiff One Bite at a Time – Gourmet Gorro NJAFB interview

Kicking off the first in our series of interviews with our lucky NJAFB winners, Ed from Gourmet Gorro gives us the low-down on everything tasty in Cardiff. From tasting fantastic street food to tucking into some damn tasty takeaway, Ed is a fearless ambassador for his city, and as he tells us in his interview food blogging can sometimes be a risky business!

hungryhouse: Before we get started Ed, who or what inspired you to take the plunge and start your own food blog?

Ed: Before moving to Cardiff I lived in London for a couple of years and enjoyed reading great blogs such as Dos Hermanos and Cheese and Biscuits. I thought it would be fun to attempt something similar for Cardiff and so it began (as so many other blogs do) as a New Year’s resolution.

gourmet gorro blog

The award winning blog in the flesh!

hh: What do you love most about food blogging?

E: Other than the opportunity to celebrate great independents trying to get themselves heard amongst the noise of media savvy chains; the occasional free meal; and the pat on the back you can give yourself when someone likes one of your recommendations – I’d say it’s the justification it brings to my obsession with eating – “I’d better go and eat another meal… so I can erm… write about it”.

hh: The food blogging scene is a busy place these days, but what do you think Gourmet Gorro brings to the table that other blogs don’t?

E: Brevity, regularity, decent-ish photos, a bit of humour and a willingness to embrace any type of restaurant or takeaway.

hh: Tell us a bit more about the restaurant and takeaway scene in Cardiff. How does it compare to Newcastle?

E: I can’t really comment on Newcastle as I don’t visit often enough (sorry mum). But Cardiff’s food scene has really flourished in the last few years. We’ve got some fantastic southern Indian restaurants (Purple Poppadom, Mint & Mustard, Kumar’s etc), a cornucopia of cracking kebab shops located around City Road (Troy, Abo Ali, Lilo, Mezza House, Shaam Nights etc) alongside other interesting places serving Korean, Calabrian, regional Chinese, Polish and Malaysian food.

Street food in Cardiff has also really blossomed in the last year with events such as Street Food Circus and The Depot providing venues for exciting vendors. Finally, Cardiff has played host to the expansion of some pretty respectable chains striking out from London for the first time – Burger & Lobster and Wahaca have opened up and Shake Shack have just put in a planning application.

hh: Someone’s coming to town and you want to show off the best restaurant or takeaway in Cardiff, where do you take them?

E: The phenomenally tasty and immensely popular Hang Fire Smokehouse – their ribs are my favourite things to eat in Cardiff. They pop-up in different places around the city with a constantly evolving menu of American barbecue. In fact, they’ve gained national recognition for their nosh, having recently won the BBC Radio 4 Food award for best street food vendor.

gourmet gorro smokehouse bbq

Hmmm delicious ribs (courtesy of Gourmet Gorro)

hh: As delicious as food blogging is, it can play havoc on the waistline. So do you have any special workout regime to keep yourself in shape from eating all that food?

E: I don’t stay in shape. Actually, thanks for reminding me I need to lose a couple of pounds!

hh: Any bad blood between you and any restaurant owners because of a bad review that you’ve written about their restaurant?

E: One particular restaurateur emailed asking to meet for a “chat” in his restaurant car park to discuss the mediocre review I’d written about his restaurant. Apparently it was the least I could do as I’d written the review without asking his permission first. I kindly declined.

hh: You’ve gone on a quest to find Cardiff’s tastiest kebab, and you searched high and low for the city’s best breakfast, but what’s next on the horizon for Gourmet Gorro?

E: Lots more meals. There’s still a load of places I want to try in Cardiff!

gourmet gorro kebab

Ed reckons Cardiff is a Kebab lover’s paradise! (Courtesy of Gourmet Gorro)

hh: Give it to us straight Ed, which British food blogger would you consider as being ‘Not Just Another Food Blogger’?

E: Samphire and Salsify who’s based in London. He bills himself as “just another food blog” but the amount he eats out is pretty staggering. He’s concise and always covers the latest openings.

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Thank you Ed for the interview!

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