Hearty Takeaway

There’s nothing better than a hearty takeaway. Something you can really sink your teeth into. And as it’s February, the month of love, we’re out here celebrating lurvvv…in all its SHAPES and forms. And that includes some very HEARTY foods.

Goodbye, gloomy never-ending Jan, and hellooooo short, sweet, fresh Feb.

The secret to making the most out of these fabulous 28 days [*checks calendar…*] is to bring love into everything you do, say, and EAT.

Hearty Foods

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Be still my heart.
Pizza, you may be my one true love. Tangy tomato, salty melty overloaded cheese, hearty dough with just the right spring and bounce…
I give over all power to pizza.

What comes over me when I see Pizzas. PLURAL.


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Is there any food that says “hearty” more than a burger?
PattyCheeseBun. And sauce for DAAAAAAYS. You just wanna get your gob round it.

No need to go quite so far as a heart-shaped pink bun, but a little gesture of affection and admiration toward your burger is always respectful.


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Everyone’s hearty brekkie favourite, a classic egg with runny yolk can be dressed up so many ways. Pesto, on a biscuit, heart-shaped…you name it, Eggs has done it.

Ei will always love you. (Get it? Ei? It’s…it’s a German pun…ok nvm sorry)


Speaking of hearty breakfast foods, this shape-shifter knows the key to our hearts. Fluffy, jam-packed, topped-up waffles.

You won’t hear us waffle in our love for ’em.


Hearty Takeaway

The month of love is for grand gestures, palatable propositions, tender takeaway, and meat bouquets.
What says “be my meatheart” more than pigs-in-a-blanket?

Find you a love like this.


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And look, we know, sometimes love is hard. There’s nothing worse than unrequited love.
We feel you.
But you know who will always love you right back? Cookie.

Cookie, meet cookie.


When we said Pizza was our one true love, we meant it. Which is why we must close out by reminding one and all that in this Month of Love, it’s all about how YOU feel deep down inside…your stomach.

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a pizza, asking it to love me. — Julia Roberts