Would You Eat The Hottest Curry In The World?

Toughness is a relative term. If you think you’re tough enough to try some super hot and spicy curries that have burnt the tastebuds and watered the eyes of everyone who was brave (or foolish?) enough to attempt them

Don’t get these super hot curries confused with your local Indian restaurant’s superb top-rated curries that pack some heat, those curries are child’s play compared to the kind of curry that causes your saliva to burn, the possibility of hallucinations (of giant Mini Milks and frozen yoghurt I can only assume), hospital visits and labour inducing pain – regardless of whether you’re pregnant or not. Still excited to attempt the ‘Widower’ or ‘Curry Hell’? SIGN ME UP AMIRITE?!

Vegan curry with tofu and vegetables

How hot is hot

To understand the hottest curry in the world, let’s take a quick look at the Scoville Scale. It’s the scale that measures the spicy levels of each chilli, based on the level of capsaicin in parts per million. To put it in perspective, your average jalapeño has about 3,500 Scoville units, while the scotch bonnet can have 100,000 to 300,000 units. Now think about being served a curry that’s made from chillies that run at over 3,000,000 units x 4. Proverbial socks are blow off.

If you fancy watching some ludicrous daredevils attempt to each crazy-hot peppers like the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and Naga Viper pepper (just the name sounds scary!), see a list of the top hottest chillies with graphic videos of amazing people attempting the idiotic act of consuming a pepper with 3,000,000 Scoville units to its name . If it’s possible to feel sorry for someone while being thoroughly impressed, it would be while watching someone scream out ‘It feels like an atomic bomb in my stomach! It hurts so bad!’ Now bring on the spiciest curries in the world.

1. Bollywood Burner – The Cinnamon Club in London

The Cinnamon Club thought their curry was so hot and spicy, they actually submitted it to the Guinness Book of Records. However due to a technical error, the ‘hottest curry’ title couldn’t be claimed. To be defined as a curry, the dish contains other ingredients like onion and tomato, so if the judges were to quantify each ingredient it would make the title for hottest curry impossible to beat. The spokesperson said ‘all Guinness World Records must be breakable, and this record would very rapidly become unbreakable by virtue of applying rules to it.’ And no further claims could ever be made. In other words, the judges were all like ‘no f**king way I’m getting near that hot fiery hellfire from Hades. EVER,’ which is how I can only assume it all went down. Technical my ass.

2. Phall Challenge – Brick Lane Curry House in New York

This inferno concoction uses over eight chillies to make, including the Bhut Naga Jolokia chilli (4th hottest chilli in the world). Staff must read you a verbal disclaimer before the chef dons his gas mask to prepare it. Phall curries are considered the hottest curries on record, and this New York Indian restaurant sticks to the rule. A fair number of people have succeeded in finishing it, getting their name on the ‘Phalll of Fame’ and the general sense of accomplishment that comes from skydiving with a parachute. You know, setting yourself up for near death, and coming out alive. Until next time Darwin Awards!

“Totally worth the temporary blindness” – Bryan after completing the Phall Challenge

3. Curry Hell – Rupali Indian Restaurant in Newcastle

Perhaps the grandfather of the hottest curry is Abdul Latif, who started serving Curry Hell to the masses, and by masses I mean just a few crazies, in 1987. A Bangladeshi-born British restaurateur, Latif started offering Curry Hell for free to anyone who could finish it. Because the £9.95 was the main reason I was going to take a pass. According to their website, Curry Hell side effects include ‘nausea, savage hallucinations, heart palpitations and rapid bowel movement’. But like I said, you get to eat it FOR FREE if you finish. FREE. You’d be a fool not to accept free food. Just put it up on youtube when you’re done.

4. The Widower – Bindi Indian Restaurant in Lincolnshire (Now Closed)

Using 20 Infinity chillies and reckoned to be around 6,000,000 Scoville units, the hottest curry took a brave soul just to prepare the dish! Oh and you think 20 Infinity chillies are hot? Well add another 10 fresh finger chillies, 5 scotch bonnets, a tablespoon of chilli powder and a drop of chilli extract. That’s from the actual recipe, published on Bindi’s now closed website (the closure had to do with the lease, not The Widower). Staff members were require to wear gloves, gas masks and goggles because just the fumes from the chillies are enough to incapacitate the chef. Hundreds have attempted but only one has succeeded in finished the self-proclaimed ‘hottest curry in the world’ – and with only minor hallucinations, no extreme shock or ambulances involved!*

*He did get up halfway through to take a break. His wife later found him wandering the streets apparently talking to himself. He came back, and he finished his work. He got a certificate and forever internet fame.

So all this talk of curry is making you hungry (or perhaps queasy)? Unfortunately there are no restaurants on the hungryhouse platform that offer anything with the words ‘curry death’ or ‘spicy grim reaper’ but there’s a few Indian establishments where you can find a hot and spicy phall to get the sweats going. Leytonstone Spice London serves up a few phall curries with your choice  of meat or or the extra spicy naga chilli dhansak. And Jalong in Birmingham offers a top-rated chicken or lamb phall if you’re feeling up for it.

Though none of these claim to burn a hole in your stomach, they’re spicy enough to fill the chilli void. Otherwise just enter your postcode and search for ‘phall’ and get the hot curry quenchers at the ready. And if you decide to take on one of the hottest curries available, please do record it and upload it to youtube for our viewing enjoyment.

Feature image via aguichard