How To: Hack The Menu

We all know that ordering tasty takeaway from hungryhouse is quick and easy – but are you making the most of your favourite food ordering app?!

Whether you’re hankering for a creamy korma or some sizzling sweet and sour, a pepperoni pizza or sophisticated sushi, you need to know you’re getting the best deal on your takeaway.

These are the *hacks* that’ll take your ordering routine from a 6 up to 11!

1. Be hungry for everything

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I don’t know about you, but when I’m hankering for takeaway there’s usually one particular craving I have to satisfy. Maybe I’ve got to methodically work my way through a shedload of maki sushi or plough through a pizza while the footy’s on.

But while that’s all well and good – and totally the way your stomach wants you to go about the whole business of ordering takeaway – if you can take the moment to convince you belly that there’s a whole world of teatime treats to try, then you’ll be leaving yourself open not only to trying something new and tasty, but also to the chance of taking advantage of some of the cracking DEALS and DISCOUNTS that might be available in your area. 🍤

Better value, tastier treats to try – just a couple of reasons to keep your options wide OPEN when browsing your local hungryhouse restaurants.

2. Check out your local Taste Test offers

Want to prove your culinary expansiveness and try something new? Then take a moment to explore what Taste Test offers are active in your area, and you could enjoy a fat 20% discount on your takeaway order!

Whenever you see a restaurant with the TASTE TEST logo (and you can filter your search results to find these more easily), you’re in luck! Never ordered from them on hungryhouse before? All first-time customers can enjoy 20% off whatever they order – the perfect way to explore new favourites on the cheap :)

3. Get your card stamped like a proper regular

For creatures of habit like me, it’s great to find a great, reliable, local takeaway restaurant to order from again and again.
REWARD STAMPS are offered by many restaurants on hungryhouse, and are a great way to be rewarded for being a local takeaway customer. Each time you order from a Reward Stamps restaurant, a ‘stamp’ will be added to your account for use at that restaurant. Collect 5, and you will enjoy a hefty 50% off your next order!

4. Bag a cheeky freebie

Effortlessly get more bang for your buck by making sure to grab a tasty FREEBIE from one of our super-generous restaurant owners, who are always coming up with new ways to tempt hungryhousers looking for a good deal.

From free poppadoms or bhajis on your next curry night or prawn crackers and spring rolls to start your next Chinese feast, to discounts on larger orders or on collection, there are loads of ways to get more nosh for your dosh when you hunt around our restaurant deals.

5. Stay classy

With over 60 cuisines to explore on hungryhouse, there’s a whole world of great grub to explore. When comfort food won’t do – a hot date, for example – it’s time to class up and go for a helping of something special from one of the nation’s MOST LOVED takeaways.

Our Most Loved award goes to those special takeaways that consistently offer great quality food to their dedicated regular customers, meaning you are certain to order something exciting, reliable, and delicious. It’s the best quality “hack” around!