How To: Tip Your Delivery Driver

Should I tip my takeaway driver?

In short? Yes, probably.

Is it expected to tip delivery drivers in the UK?

Tipping rules and customs vary from country to country and home to home. In the UK, it’s not necessarily expected but it’s very common — and definitely appreciated after they’ve delivered your mouth-watering feast!

In 2014, hungryhouse conducted a survey of 2,942 customers:

  • 24% reported always tipping
  • 38% said ‘sometimes’
  • 38% admitted to not tipping

How much should I tip my delivery driver?

10% of the total bill is seen as standard in the UK.

…but according to our survey, 46% of people give less than 10%, and a pretty measly 3% of very generous customers gave over 15% of the total order value.

Reasons to tip (extra):

  • 55% of you are most likely to tip when the driver arrives quickly with the much-needed grub.
  • 35% of you believe schlepping through the snow warrants a tip.
  • Other good reasons to share the love (and the dough) — rain, late-night service (after 10 PM) and delivery on a Sunday.

How should I tip my delivery driver?

No need to over-think it! We like to keep a jar of loose change around for this exact purpose — plenty of our casual takeaway orders are £10 or less, which makes a quid coin quick and easy maths.

Use common sense (and cents): If you live on at the top of 6 sets of stairs, it’s raining, and your driver is managing a load of ten pizzas for your GOT viewing party, go above and beyond — just like they did.

Remember though: while some takeaways on hungryhouse charge a “delivery fee” that you’ve already paid for in your order total, this goes directly to the owner. (They use the fee to offset the vehicle and gas, especially if you’ve ordered from across town because you’ll do anything for your favourite BBQ wings.) So be sure to remember to tip the driver separately at the door in cold hard cash.

A big thank-you
to the UK’s stellar delivery drivers for battling the elements, navigating busy streets, and making sure your pepperoni pizza, lamb vindaloo, cheeseburger, or sweet and sour chicken balls arrive piping hot, in one piece, and ready to wow your taste buds!


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