The hungryhouse Not Just Another Food Blogger Awards 2014!

If you take a trip down internet lane these days then it won’t take you long to stumble upon an offensive amount of instagram feeds full of macaroons, dozens of tumblrs featuring nothing but pictures of pugs freaking out over cheesy slices of pizza, oh and the odd 400 thousand or so vegan cupcake recipe blogs. Suffice to say, the food blogging scene is jam-packed with middle of the road blogs featuring the same old ‘lets review a gastro-pub’ theme, drowned in brown bread levels of mediocrity.

We have decided enough is enough! So we’ve launched a new award that shines a light on the talented bloggers who stand out from the oversaturated pumpkin cheesecake crowd.

We therefore scoured the UK’s food blogging landscape to find the 10 most-interesting, most-unique and most-god-damn-awesome food blogs that YOU need to read. So, in no particular order, here are our picks for 2014’s ‘Not Just Another Food Blogger Award’!

How Not To Do A Food Blog

 how not to do a food blog

Born in 2009 the How Not To Do A Food Blog serves up everything you want from a food blog, including down-to-earth reviews, more diverse cuisines and dishes than you could shake a spoon at, and an incredible knowledge and passion for food.

The author, Paul, has an insight into restaurants that is unmatched by most food bloggers, but this is unsurprising considering his previous experience as a Chef. Still, despite hanging up his apron a few years back, Paul continues to share his passion for all things food with this London-centered blog, delivered in his characteristic straight talking, no-nonsense style.


The guys at Scousescran have been featured here on the blog before, when they gave us all the goss on their quest to find Liverpool’s greatest burger. Luckily for their waistlines, the team have taken some time off from burgers and have moved back to more calorie-friendly dishes.

Proud Liverpudlians, the Sousescran team are determined to show the finer side of things in Liverpool,  and their blog is full of insider-tips to Liverpool’s hidden gems. Scousescran is utterly infectious in its’ quest to prove that their city certainly matches London, Manchester and Glasgow for diverse restaurants serving up irrepressibly delicious food, oh with the odd extra-strength cocktail review or two chucked in for good measure.




Any award that shines a light on the UK’s most unique food bloggers couldn’t ignore Burgerac. The Burgerac blog is something of food blogging royalty, and the Burgerac team’s hunt for the perfect burger has taken them from the humble streets of London to the blinding lights of New York and beyond. Billed as a ‘Burger Detective’, the Burgerac blog has become one of the capital’s foremost fountains of knowledge on burgers, with the Evening Standard, the BBC and The Guardian all praising Burgerac for its insightful and passionate reviews. Better yet, there’s also a Burgerac app, which allows iPhone users to find London’s best burgers on the go.

Oh Ma Cod

oh ma cod


Billy Connolly, Angus Young, Mogwai, and……Amelia Bayler. Glasgow has produced a series of cultural legends, and the author of Oh Ma Cod is just the latest. Now whilst the title alone might just win the award for the best food-blog pun ever*, Oh Ma Cod’s author started her blog with a simple goal in mind; to extoll her love of Glasgow’s best fish and chips restaurants.

But forget what you know about the old ‘let’s write a review blog’ hack you find so often these days! Oh Ma Cod is witty, engaging, insightful and a hell of a lot of fun to read. In-fact, even though I’m a proud fishing-town boy who was raised just a stone’s throw from the sea, Amelia beats my love of fish and chips hands down….

Burger Me!

Despite the universal love for burgers here at hungryhouse we’ve had our fair share of overcooked patties and grease-sodden buns in London, but luckily these burger nightmares are a thing of a past now that we’re best friends with Nick from Burger Me! Nick has been featured on CNBC and the BBC and now he can add the ultimate accolade to his CV; the hungryhouse Not Just Another Food Blogger award!

Nick has been reviewing London’s burgers since 2011, and Burger Me! has grown to become one of London’s most pre-eminent food blogs. Part of this success comes from Nick’s dedication to trying out the good, the bad and the ugly of London’s burgers (so you don’t have to), and we thank him for his dedication to the cause!

Where to feed

The gang at Where to feed only started blogging their reviews of the best restaurants and takeaways in the Manchester area in February last year, but even within that short amount of time they’ve already managed to build up such an impressive amount of reviews, that you’d be hard pressed to find a more extensive guide to the Manchester restaurant scene. From burgers to tapas, the guys at Where to feed aren’t afraid to get their cutlery dirty in their quest to taste the best that Manchester has to offer.




Okay, we have a thing for burgers at hungryhouse. They’re delicious, juicy, lovingly coated in cheese, topped with fresh lettuce and caramelized onio……….oh um, bugger, where were we? Yes, burgers…we’re addicted to them, but not as much as Nick and Andy from Burgaffair, whose mission it is to beat the pavements of London looking for the capital’s best gourmet burgers.

With a rating system that aims to cover the complete burger ‘package’, including the bun, patty, structure and toppings, these guys don’t do things by halves. But don’t worry, they’re not your typical ‘luvvie’ food critics, Nick and Andy are just two normal guys with an ‘unhealthy’ passion for the meaty stuff, and we love them for it!

Dotty Dishes

What do the words ‘foodie blogger from London’ conjure up to you? You’re probably thinking of part-time artist called Francesca, who does nothing but upload pics of her shopping trips to Borough Market to buy fresh coriander and low-fat, gluten-free, taste-free yoghurt. Well forget what you think you know about London foodies, as Beth from Dotty Dishes displays an untiring passion for all things delicious with her reviews on food festivals, recipes, restaurants, industry news and more.

She leaves no stone unturned in her love for food and her pics of food are enough to make you dribble!

James Vs Burger

james vs burger


If Scotland goes independent in October then someone needs to get word to Alex Salmond to make James from James vs Burger the official ambassador of Scottish burgers.

Sure James gets around a bit (and has reviewed burgers in Berlin, Sweden and New York), but the blog originally started as a quest to find Scotland’s best burger, and it has stayed true to these roots. What really sets James vs Burger apart from most food bloggers though is the fantastic community of loyal readers, who are also encouraged to vote for their favourite burgers, along with submitting their own reviews of burgers they’ve scoffed on their travels. A true burger aficionado, James also shares some tasty recipes for any budding burger enthusiasts out there to try at home, which to us makes him something of a Mother Teresa of the burger world. All in all, this blog rocks.

An honourable mention for………Trampy and the Tramp

Known as TATTGOC for short, these guys are the curry kings of Glasgow. They’ve sweated their way through more curries than is probably humanely possible, so it’s no surprise that after 5 years of blogging about their city’s finest curryhouses, Trampy and the Tramp are taking a break. We hope it’s not for long though, as we seriously wouldn’t know who else to ask for some tips on where to find some kick-ass Bhuna in Glasgow.

trampy mugs

Both vying for the title of Mr March once again!

The guys at TATTGOC are good friends of hungryhouse, having proudly flown the flag for Glasgow in multiple Curry Capital of Britain competitions over the years. So if you need something to nurse your TATTGOC withdrawal symptons then check out our previous interviews with the Tramps as part of our Curry Capital coverage. Plus you can always check out their ‘Keep Calm and Curry On‘ podcasts if you’re hankering for a curry but you’re stuck on a  long train jouney……or is that just us?

What do you think about our picks for this year’s Not Just Another Food Blogger Awards? It was sure one hell of a hunger-inducing search for the nation’s best food bloggers, but did we miss any of your personal favourites out? Don’t be shy, bang us to rights!

*Unfortunately not a real award