Hunting for the perfect Burger

Forget the grease-laden burgers of the past; the humble burger has been transformed into the epitome’ of haute cuisine and Britain is now awash in restaurants and pubs offering so-called ‘Gourmet Burgers’.

So with posh burgers on the nation’s menu, we turned to the team over at Liverpool’s leading food blog Scousescran to hear their take on what makes the perfect burger, and also to hear about their hunt for Liverpool’s best burger as part of their ‘Liverpool Burger Challenge’…..

hungryhouse: To kick things off can you tell us a little more about the team behind Scousescran?

Scousescran: We are Dee, Tracey, Sarah and Sharron, 4 Liverpool ladies. We have been good friends for a number of years and our number one hobby is eating. As well as the blog we all have our own careers ranging from hair extensions to marketing.

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Meet the Scousescran team

We enjoy travelling extensively and as part of that sampling local delicacies. Dee is gluten free and we enjoy challenging restaurants on what they can come up with for her.

hungryhouse: Tell us about the Liverpool Burger Challenge! What made you decide to hunt for Liverpool’s best burger?

Scousescran: Due to the current gourmet burger revolution and with more and more restaurants popping up in the city, we decided to pose the question on Twitter about what people thought made the perfect burger. The response was overwhelming and the idea for the Liverpool Burger Challenge was born.

We are now halfway through 9 restaurants and in search of Liverpool’s Best Burger!

hungryhouse: As certified Burger aficionados, what do you look for in a prime-quality, delicious burger? 

Scousescran: In a perfect burger we look for high quality meat cooked medium or medium rare. If the burger is well done, this is fine as long as the meat is still juicy and moist.

The perfect bun should not be too doughy or fall apart. And the perfect toppings shouldn’t overpower the flavour of the meat but complement it.

The Tavern Burger

hungryhouse: What have the most memorable burgers (both good and bad!) been so far in the ‘Burger Challenge’?

Scousescran: Each burger we have tasted has been very different – from homemade sauces to 3 pattie towers, from chain restaurants to local independents – the range has been exquisite.

The most opulent burger so far was a huge 3 pattie tower (the leaning tower of burgers!) from a local independent. However, we still have another 4 restaurants to visit so who knows what the next burger will bring!

hungryhouse: Are you all a bit burger mad, or is this just a phase? 

Scousescran: We are big burger fans but it is not normal for us to order burgers 4 times in a week when not partaking in a challenge! However we are very much enjoying being fully on board the meat train!

We do also always make sure we leave room for dessert – it’d be rude not to!

Juicy Burger

Hungry? (via)

hungryhouse: Do you have any other favourite type of restaurant other than burgers?

Scousescran: As food bloggers, we enjoy a variety of foods and are always happy to review the latest restaurant, regardless of the cuisine…..but if forced to choose then we would usually go for steak or tapas.

hungryhouse: Do you ever order takeaway burgers and, if so, where was the best takeaway burger you’ve had from?

Scousescran: We do order takeaways especially after one too many cocktails the night before whether it be burgers, pizza or the Liverpool special – cheesy chips!

However, we may have to undertake a healthy eating plan shortly as we are all suffering from a case of burger bulge!

hungryhouse: What prompted you to start Scousescran?

Scousescran: As we enjoy eating out regularly, we recognised there was a gap in the market for a new Liverpool food blog. We personally find that reviews via blogs are refreshing and unbiased, as a lot of review sites come under criticism in the press for restaurant owners writing their own reviews.

We have nothing to gain from the blog other than our mutual love of food and socialising.

Tasty burger from Kraze Burger in Samsan Dong

Haute cuisine? via

hungryhouse: And lastly, what is it about Liverpool’s food scene that makes it so great? – Is there more to Liverpool than burgers?

Scousescran: Thanks to the Capital of Culture crown in 2008, Liverpool has undergone a massive regeneration in recent years. Some of the top restaurant chains who previously would not have considered the city are now fighting for prime centre locations. Also there are new independent restaurants popping up every week offering quality, locally sourced produce with atmospheres that could rival the likes of New York.

Undoubtedly, gourmet burgers are now a massive phenomenon, not just in Liverpool but across the whole country. However, there is much more to Liverpool than just burgers. Liverpool has a buzz like no other city and restaurants are full 8 days a week. You can find everything from tapas to Mexican street food to Lebanese.

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Thanks to Dee, Tracey, Sarah and Sharron from Scousescran for their fascinating take on gourmet burgers in Liverpool. The results of the Liverpool Burger Challenge will be released on September 13th, so don’t forget to follow them on twitter to find out the winner! (@Scousescran).

If this has made you all hungry for a delicious burger then of course why not order up a juicy delivery from one of our Top Takeaways; such as the Café Zecchino in Glasgow, Happy Days in Manchester or the Wallington Express in London.

But before but you shoot off to make an order tell us where you go for burger heaven…. or have your burger experiences been more of a series of burger nightmares? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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