Which Curry Is More Popular Than Tikka Masala?

More than any other takeaway, curry night means powering your way through an extensive menu as long as your arm, deciding whether to chance your luck and try something new – a sweet dhansak for example, or a traditional fragrant karahi – or go for your usual, that one reliable recipe that you know is sure to hit the spot every time.

But is your favourite curry also the nation’s favourite? Or is it even in the top 5? It’s time to get yourself in the mood for a weekend curry night with our rundown of the UK’s most loved Indian dishes!

#5. Beautiful Balti

The jewel in the crown of the Birmingham curry scene (I personally have lost myself in the Balti Triangle for what seems like days on end), the balti is a tomato-based, medium-hot extravaganza of rich flavour. It’s chunky, with a dry texture, and perfect with a hearty chunk of garlic naan.

Bag a balti from: The Cross Balti, Birmingham

#4. Moreish Madras

Flame on! Madras is the go-to main dish for any curry monster hunting for their spice fix (unless they want to go a bit mad and order a vindaloo or a phall – but they’re only for superhumans).

Madras sauce, named after the city that is now known as Chennai, is popular in Southern India, but apparently the curry itself is a British creation. Packed with fresh curry leaves, chillies and coriander, it packs a wallop.

Our Madras Masters: Zulfi’s, Leeds

#3. Creamy Korma

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The masterpiece of mild curries, when done right, korma is still bursting with flavour, partly thanks to the use of fresh cream and coconut milk, partly the plethora of nuts, and partly due to the way the meat is good – marinated in yoghurt and braised slowly to perfection. Beautiful with a peshwari naan.

Get a cracking korma from: Prince of India, Norwich

#2. Tender Tikka Masala

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Narrowly missing out on number one, the mega-popular tikka masala has been on top of the curry game for decades. A smoky and aromatic dish that, legend has it, was actually invented in Glasgow (though nobody knows for sure), tikka masala is a rich classic, loaded with turmeric for a mouthwatering flavour.

Our Tikka Masala Pick: Shirley Tandoori, Croydon

#1. Luvly Jubbly Jalfrezi

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The results are in! The numbers prove it, and the flavour does too: jawdropping, juicy, delicious jalfrezi is the UK’s number one classic curry dish!

More people than ever before are choosing to order jalfrezi to brighten up their curry nights. The dish is fresh tasting and lighter than many other Indian curries, but is well spiced and packed with flavour. Combining onions, pepper and fresh chillies in oil to great a hot, dry sauce, fresh tomatoes and a dash on yoghurt complete a sauce that just screams out for tender, marinated chunks of meat, and fresh portions of veg. It’s moreish, it’s satisfying – it’s the classic curry you simply MUST order tonight.

Award Winning Jalfrezi: Himalayan Gurkha, Derby