A New Year of Comfort Foods

Time to gear up for the party of the year! Depending on your point of view this is one last chance to dance in 2013 – a last hurrah for the year that was, or just a damp squib of a night out that costs three times as much as the average.

Either way, chances are you’re not going to be feeling your best tomorrow. You might not even have the energy to visit our app and blearily order a pizza, burger, chips and a curry (feed a hangover don’t you know…) Luckily we have a pre-order function meaning you can order now, ready for a delicious takeaway to arrive just as you stir from your bed tomorrow. Or at least that’s what we’ll be doing!

It’s ok, go ahead – New Year’s Resolutions don’t officially start until January 2 – everyone knows that.

But what should you be ordering to ensure you make a full recovery?

You could simply use our “I’ll have what she’s having” function and just copy everyone else in your area, no thought required. Or you could take a look at the options below and decide now what will best sort you out.

Bacon and eggs solve everything

Bacon and eggs solve everything (via)

A hot spicy curry is bound to kick start you back into action. Ok, there may be no medical proof that a curry cures a hangover but it is definitely delicious enough to lift your mood!

There’s nothing like a big night and a hangover to leave you feeling run down and the spices in curries have so many health benefits, that alone is excuse enough for a regular dose. Ginger is a traditional cold remedy and is bursting with antioxidants (and helps prevent vomiting, if you’re really that bad), garlic purifies the blood and allspice aids digestion. Sounds good enough for us.

A curry is bound to provide a cure

A curry is bound to provide a cure (via)

It’s not just a drinkers myth, a bacon sandwich really does cure a hangover – the bread is high in carbohydrates and the bacon is full of protein, which breaks down into amino acids and tops up neurotransmitters that have been depleted by alcohol.

If you’re going for the bacon sarnie, you may as well add the burger into the equation ‘the greasy burger cure’ is well known and highly regarded, and tastes utterly delicious.

The greasy burger cure

The greasy burger cure (via)

A glass of tomato juice packs in enough simple sugars to get you up and running again and its inflammation-fighting lycopene and serious hydrating factor don’t hurt, either – but why go for juice when you can get pizza?

That tomato topping on the pizza will do the trick, carbs are in no short supply and add an egg, pepperoni or some ground beef and protein is into the equation. The ultimate greasy cure, we can’t wait!

A simple pizza pleasure

A simple pizza pleasure (via)

Are you planning ahead? What will you be ordering?

Tell us your New Year’s Day comfort food!

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