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New Year’s Day 2017 Hangover Competition! [CLOSED]

Happy 2017 everyone! Well, almost. We have to tell you: we’re writing to you, dear world wide web, now instead of on Jan. 1 in anticipation of our own, shall we say, compromised state.

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Having already practiced for this weekend’s NYE festivities with my annual Christmas Hangover (that’s not just me, right?) I’ve come to discover that I am really bad at managing hangovers. Like…really bad.

I’m so bad at this that not only did I fail to hydrate and take a head pill in anticipation of the earthquake that would surely unfold inside my cranium on the 26th, but I also:

      1. Stayed in bed for four hours BEFORE GETTING FOOD.


      2. Watched an hour’s worth of Youtube videos explaining the earth’s rotation around the sun. (What?? Show me one non-astronomy major who remembers anything they learned in year 4.) It hurt my brain.


    3. Failed to leave the house, thus ensuring that the hangover would last forever. And ever.

In other words, I did everything wrong. I need guidance. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS, PARTY PEOPLE.

We asked you back in November for some curatives, and you delivered. Alison, Tim, Amanda and Kavina came up with the four winning strategies (and were duly rewarded with £25 hungryhouse vouchers). Check out their moves, and see below how you can to cash in on their not-so-closely guarded secrets.

Champers hair of the dog



“Fried egg and chorizo sandwich within an hour of waking up. Followed by food every 2 hours. Open a bottle of champagne at 6pm and go to bed by 9. (I should copyright this).”

Full English, full tum

☆ TIM:

“It’s got to be a full English! But with a few added extras, a couple of pancakes, and a cheese toastie. It isn’t complete with a large glass of fresh orange juice, and a huge glass of water!”

Pigs in a blanket: not just for Christmas anymore

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“Like most I wake in pain in need of liquid, meat and carbs. Last Christmas an angel came to me and whispered ‘pigs in blankets are for life, not just for Christmas’.
So, my new time saving hangover cure is a buttered muffin loaded with bacon wrapped sausages splattered with brown sauce with only one tray to wash up.”

Peng panang curry

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“Wake up. Reach over to phone. Order a red Panang curry, egg fried rice & a can of 7up – equal parts comforting and refreshing. Pass out. Wake up to doorbell to get food. Be horizontal on sofa to eat whilst watching Netflix. Feel whole again.”

I’m detecting two common threads here: egg, and pork products. But we know that’s not for everyone (speaking from direct experience here), so here’s the comp: either back one of these plans hard on the ol’ Twitter and Facebook, or come up with a whole new strategy & you could win FREE FOOD! Hit us up at #HungryHangover before 20:00 GMT on Jan. 1…we’ll be waiting.