The hungryhouse Not Just Another Food Blogger awards 2015!

Forget your Baftas and your Oscars, the hungryhouse Not Just Another Food Blogger (NJAFB) awards are back in town, and this year we’ve once again gone all-out to find the UK’s most-passionate bloggers who have brought something special to the food blogging table. Our NJAFB winners really get our juices flowing for gorgeous food, and their passion for great-tasting takeaway is mighty infectious.

We’re not ashamed to admit that we’re a little bit in love with our NJAFB winners, so without any further ado it’s time to meet this year’s champions.

Burger Anarchy

Everyone loves burgers, and if they say they don’t then they’re lying. LYING I tell you!

Luckily for burger addicts in the UK there is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to cracking good burger blogs that serve up post after post of nothing but gorgeous burgers irresistibly slathered in delicious melting cheese.

burger anarchy blog

But standing out from the crop of British burger blogs is Burger Anarchy, written by Simon and Robert from London. Their blog doesn’t just review great British burgers though. Burger Anarchy takes the reader on an epic burger odyssey taking in the juiciest patties and most-authentic brioche buns from Amsterdam to America, and from London to LA.

Once you’ve drooled yourself silly reading their reviews then you can even try your hand at cooking one of their tempting homemade burger recipes!

Rosie Posie’s Pudding & Pies

Shining a light on Brighton’s best restaurants and takeaways, Rosie Posie’s Pudding & Pies is that rare breed of beautiful food photography, swanky design, and I’m-not-pulling-any-punches writing that sets the blog apart from rest of the competition.

rosieposie pudding pie bblog

The blog’s author, Rosie, has made it her mission to get stuck in and sample everything from Brighton’s plushest restaurant’s to the city’s masters of fantastic fast food, and for that we salute you Rosie!

Don’t let the cute name fool you, Rosie Posie’s Pudding & Pies is nothing like those stale run-of-the-mill cupcake blogs, as Rosie sure digs into some mean takeaway!

Full To The Brum

Alright, you got us. Here at hungryhouse we have a soft spot for puns, but we’re not just awarding this blog with an NJAFB award because of its delectable title.


We spend a lot of our day looking at pictures of food, and we reckon that Full To The Brum might just well be home to some of the best-looking photos of food we’ve ever seen. It’s creator Laura should certainly pop down that camera for a sec and give herself one mighty pack on the back for her sumptuous shots!

Proving that there’s more to Birmingham than spicy Balti, Laura has got us convinced that her city is one hell of a paradise for foodies.


Awesome name, awesome blog.

Whilst Rosie and John from Scobberlotch search high and low to show off the brightest and the best of the foodie scene in the North-East of England, it’s their blog’s focus on gluten-friendly eateries in Newcastle, along with their list of restaurants that run deals and offers that really makes Scobberlotch stand out.

scobberlotch blog

Their ethos is that they know not everyone can afford fancy food all the time, and we really respect their efforts to show that it’s more than possible to save a couple of pounds whilst not scrimping on taste.

Oh and in case you’re wondering ‘Scobberlotch’ means ‘to loaf around, doing nothing in particular’. – The more you know!

Gourmet Gorro

All aboard the foodie train, next-stop: Cardiff.

gourmet gorro blog

Let Ed from Gourmet Gorro be your guide to everything crispy, spicy, juicy and delightful in the city. Originally hailing from Newcastle, Ed’s got his finger on the pulse of everything delicious in Cardiff, and he’s a real soldier for not shirking from tucking into every cuisine and dish under the sun.

Gourmet Gorro knows what you want, and most of the reviews focus on the damn-good tasty takeaway-type fare that we’re all dying to find.

Food Diaries London

Finding a delicious yet down-to-earth and no fuss place to eat in London (that won’t break the bank) is a bloody nightmare. In-fact, we reckon that there’s probably more overpriced pretentious eateries in the city than there are idiots in local politics. That’s why we count ourselves lucky to be able to call on the sound advice of one of London’s coolest foodies Nida, author of the fantastic Food Diaries London.

food diaries london

Chocked full of reviews of the types of places that you just know you’d quickly become addicted to if you lived nearby, Food Diaries London does a fantastic job in cutting through the chaff to present an authentic guide to everything delicious and affordable in the capital.

It’s got some damn tasty pictures too!

Scran on the Tyne

Written by a dedicated team of foodies from Newcastle, the Scran On The Tyne blog is a fantastic ambassador for everything mouth-watering in the city.

scranontheytyne blog

The team regularly cast their eyes (and tongues?) over everything tasty that Newcastle has to offer, including restaurants, food markets and foodie-festivals, all in their pursuit to share Newcastle’s hidden gems with their readers. Oh and because they’re a lovely bunch the Scran on the Tyne team also chuck in the odd exclusive recipe or two along the way. Thanks guys, you rock!

Well done to all of this year’s winners, if you’re feeling nostalgic for last year’s crop of winners then you can always check out the 2014 roll-call here!