Pepe’s Piri Piri, Spitalfields: Review of the Week

Continuing the celebration of our Not Just Another Food Blogger Awards, this week’s Review of the Week is from one of our #NJAFB winners, Nick Andrews from Burger Me! A burger connoisseur, Nick decided to take on three chicken burgers from Pepe’s Piri Piri, a fast food chain that specialises in – you guessed it – piri piri chicken. 

First things first, what did Nick think of their Standard Chicken Burger?

“[…] the chicken fillet is quite moist and tasty, while the slathering of mayo and lettuce reminds me of the McChicken Sandwich”

Next on the agenda was the Giant Chicken Burger:

“[…] similar to the normal chicken burger, but with a couple of additions. Firstly, the battered chicken fillet has been super-sized . Secondly, a hash brown tops the chicken patty. And finally, in addition to mayonnaise, there’s also a layer of tomato salsa”

Sounds good to us, but it was the final one that really had a kick according to Nick – the Giant Spicy Chicken Burger:

“It’s this burger that really turns up the heat – the fruity, spicy piri piri merges with the battered chicken fillet and the sticky american cheese really nicely and the mayo and lettuce keep the burger balanced. It’s a jolly good effort from a fast food chain.”

They get the go-ahead from Nick, so why not give them a try yourself? Order now from Pepe’s Piri Piri , Spitalfields.