12 Different Types of Pizza to Eat Tonight

Everybody loves pizza……well actually according to the world’s leading authority on all things factual (reddit) there’s a pizza blood-feud going on between Dominoes and Pizza Hut delivery drivers……but other than that, we’re certain that everyone loves the cheesy stuff. Such is the love of pizza, pizzerias across the globe are constantly thinking up of news ways to help you conquer your self-esteem issues with the dish. So we’ve decided to delve into 11 of the most kick-ass pizza varieties out there, all waiting to be scoffed at once en masse, sort of like a macabre frat boy initiation ceremony. ..


pizza delivery

Protected Neapolitan pizza (via)

The first, the original, the best. Whether or not you agree with that sentence doesn’t matter, because it is FACT, because the Neapolitan pizza has been protected by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. Only a true Neapolitan pizza, made with the proper techniques and certified ingredients can be called as such. We’re talking specifics here like the exact type of wheat flour, kneaded and rolled out without the assistance of a rolling pin (yes the official rules state no rolling pin can be used in the making of a Neapolitan!), measuring no more that 3 mm thick, baked from 60 – 90 seconds in a 485 °C brick oven with oak wood. You’d think with those rules, no pizzeria would bother. But Forno in Lambeth make some of the best traditional Neapolitan pizza outside of Naples.


A Sicilian pizza is not protected by the Italian Pizza Society, however it doesn’t stop people from being passionate about what constitutes a true Sicilian pizza. Usually when someone says they’re ordering a Sicilian pizza, it’s usually synonymous with thicker crust. Yet it’s not just the thicker crust that makes a traditional Sicilian pizza stand out from their Neopolitan cousins, as Sicillian pizzas are also shaped like a rectangle. Trust us, that litle tidbit of info will come in handy at the new pub quiz. If you’re interested, Club Pizza in Liverpool toss up a fine Sicilian pizza, baked to perfection in a wood fired oven.

NY Style pizza

ny style pizza

Yes to New York style pizza (via)

Although the US sees many regional variations when it comes to pizza (see Chicago-style deep dish below), NY pizza is by far the most recognised and familiar style people know. What distinguishes the NY style from the rest is its thin, hand tossed base. They’re sold by the slice, usually with plain cheese, never to be eaten with a fork numbnuts.

If you’re looking for NY style pizza, start at New York Pizza and Kebab House in Birmingham for some traditional NY style crust with some more ‘non-traditional’ toppings like masala fish and tandoori chicken pizzas.

Chicago Deep Dish

deep dish pizza

Deep dish pizza (via)

With crust rising to over 3 inches high, deep dish pizzas are exactly that….deep. A specialised pizza pan that looks more like a cake tin is loaded up with pizza base and topped with so much cheese, tomato sauce, veggies, meat and more cheese that it takes a a lot longer to cook these monstrous pizzas. Because of the longer cooking time, the cheese goes underneath the tomato sauce and toppings (as not to burn), making a sort of pizza pie. Just don’t tell any Chicagoans that their official pizza is not actually pizza, as ruled by the US Supreme Court.

Stuffed Crust

pizza hut stuffed crust

Pizza hut Marmite stuffed crust

As we wander into more bizarre pizza territory, the stuffed crust pizza is catching up in popularity, with fillings ranging from plain old cheese to cheeseburgerchicken strips, hot dogs or Marmite (thank you Pizza Hut). It seems that the onl limit here is the imagination. Although I cannot personally vouch for the cheeseburger stuffed crust, if you’re a newbie to the game, stick with classic cheese stuffed crust and you won’t be disappointed.

Cone Pizza

cone pizza

Cone pizza: treat with suspicion (via)

Because pizza wasn’t easy enough to eat on the go already? I don’t trust this one…

Grilled Pizza

Grill pizza

Grilled pizza (via)

If you haven’t tried it yet, please do so at your next bbq. Don’t worry, the pizza doesn’t fall through the grills, the grill just injects a more ‘grilly’ flavour to the pizza with the flames licking the base. Mmmm…

Burger Pizza

burger pizza slice


This is something we didn’t need, no one asked for this. WHY?!

Mexican Pizza

Mexican pizza

Mexican pizza

Kind of like it sounds, a Mexican pizza is something no true Mexican would ever endorse, but we’re 98% certain they’d probably enjoy it anyway. A tortilla topped with mince, cheese, sour cream and tomatoes can’t go wrong. Although it may sound blasphemous, I can vouch for its deliciousness.

Dessert Pizza

dessert pizza via oh sweet basil

Dessert pizza (via Oh Sweet Basil)

Think chocolate nutella and fresh strawberries. All on top of a slightly sweet base and nom nom nom photo from Oh Sweet Basil. Dessert pizza should be given some sort of heritage status somewhere. We need to honour this creation.

Cauliflower Pizza

cauliflower crust pizza

Cauliflower crust ‘pizza’ (via)

Not pizza. You can’t just throw cheese on top of something roundish shaped and called it pizza. For god’s sake people, it must have lots of carbs otherwise it’s not pizza.

Is there anything we’re missing from the pizza glossary?

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