Review of the Week: Dolphin, Earlsfield

You might reasonably accuse us of being a liiiiiittle obsessed with hangovers (and their cures) recently, but we couldn’t help noticing this week’s winning Review of the Week for its potential to prevent a punishing post-party period (ahem: a hangover.)

Jordan gives us the inside scoop on quality late-night snacking:

‘Want chinese at 4:00 am in the morning? Dolphin is perfect. I did not expect them to deliver chinese this late/early but they did and it tasted very nice. Thank you so much :) :)’

The people want what they want when they want it. And Jordan, to answer your question, yes — yes we do want chinese at 4:00 am. Often. (Always?) And thanks to your review, we know where to get it.

So next one’s on us: your £25 hungryhouse voucher is on its way to you!

The holidays aren’t over yet — New Year’s Eve is nigh! — so prep for your own late-night drunken (chicken) & savoury chow mein by scoping Dolphin’s menu…

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