Review of Village Pizza and Chicken, Luton

Review of the Week: Village Pizza and Chicken, Luton

“Slightly crisp” cheesy chips and mozzarella sticks with “a light crunch” — the POETRY of it all! Liam is impressed with Village Pizza and Chicken in Luton for their food quality, friendly service, and “sheer volume of food” for his money — and we’re impressed with the sheer majesty of his scintillating, stomach-satiating prose.

‘The staff are always friendly and helpful but the main reason I order from here is the mozzarella sticks as well as the cheesy chips. Dipping both of those in chilli sauce, mayonnaise or garlic mayonnaise is heavenly. The mozzarella sticks are large and have a light crunch to the outside which makes them ideal for dipping. As are the chips, usually slightly crisp, by far preferred over others I’ve had. I found it quite hard to find a truly good chicken and chip shop takeaway but I am very pleased with this one. The sheer volume of food for such a low price is the icing on the cake. Luckily, I’m a master of stuffing myself.’

Stuffing yourself isn’t the only thing you’re the master of, Liam. Congrats on writing your way to a £25 hungryhouse voucher with this Review of the Week.


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