Review of Papillon Pizza London

Review of the Week: Papillon Pizza, London

We take our Review of the Week selection process very seriously. We’ve got to be discerning — only the best, brightest, and (occasionally) brattiest of bouffe briefings will do. If it happens that a takeaway so excels that they make multiple appearances on the blog, we leave that to the fast-food fates. And sure enough, after picking Jasper’s glorious assessment of his recent order, we thought, “Papillon Pizza…sounds familiar.” Yup, these charmers have elicited an award-winning review before, all the way back in the ancient times of May 2013. Hats off to you, Papillon Pizza, for staying the course.

‘The Whitehouse Burger was on point – two succulent chicken fillets covered in cheese – the right amount of lettuce to cut through and refresh – makes you feel like the president (Obama, not Trump) gave you a high five. The pizzas are always first class – proper pizza delivery style, not stonebaked/woodfire oven style, but the ones like you see in Home Alone. They don’t skimp on the toppings and the cheese to crust ratio is 11/10. Would make your mummy proud.’

We’ll happily hi-5 you for this review, Jasper. It may be a poor substitute for Obama, but we hope you won’t leave us hanging, so we’re throwing in that £25 hungryhouse voucher for your Review of the Week, too.

Btw, why do we feel like there’s a sneaky connection between the US president and Home Alone?…(tell us in the comments if you know!)

Tremendous takeaway below!

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