Review of Royal Spice Leamington Spa

Review of the Week: Royal Spice, Leamington Spa

I’m not crying…you’re crying! (Don’t look at me, I’m a mess.)
George, your joy at the royal treatment you received from Royal Spice and their on-staff Father Christmas — AKA delivery driver — has warmed the cockles of our cold, dead hearts. We can feel again!

Let us know if you get that tattoo. (Maybe sleep on it? There’s always the good ol’ Internet for your ordering needs…)

‘As my housemates gathered to prepare the mighty ‘Christmas Meal’ before the end of term, we all came to a sudden realisation…It was 8 O’Clock and we hadn’t even gotten the ingredients for the fine roast we all so desired. The weather outside was most certainly frightful, and so we began to spiral into despair and a deep longing for a hearty meal. Our stomaches were rumbling, and tension had begun to fill the household. What could we do? As we sat on the stairs, contemplating life, a stroke of genius occurred… Curry Night. And not just any curry night. Royal Spice Curry Night. Now, you may be thinking: this is an odd substitute for a Christmas meal (we did too). But after declaring the cold, dreary Monday as ‘Curry and Christmas Movie Night’, we felt it acceptable. Not only did they arrive a whopping TWENTY FIVE MINUTES early (!!!), but they even threw in some free poppadoms! The man who delivered our food was as joyous as Father Christmas himself. His smile was shining as white as snow. The whole experience was fantastic, and the food most certainly made up for the tragedy of a film that is ‘Krampus’. Would I recommend Royal Spice? Absolutely. I might even get their phone number tattooed on my arm so I don’t forget.’

We humbly endorse all of this…except the “Krampus” dig. It’s a classic. A film for a generation!

But don’t let us kramp your style, go on and enjoy your £25 hungryhouse voucher for your Review of the Week.

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