Footy and food - a match made in heaven

Stadium Food: What You Should Order During the Big Game

Brazil! It’s almost here! A huge month of footy! Everything else comes second to spending as much time in front of the TV as possible, soaking in that irresistible atmosphere, and indulging in the presence of the greatest sportsmen in the world.

This is an event, people, that requires just the right atmosphere. And the right atmosphere, of course,  requires the right food. Time to chew over some of the best stadium food and matchday favourites that you can order in during this summer’s football.

(and don’t forget, we deliver chilled beers, too!)

1. A Crust Above

Steak and Kidney Pie

Who ate all the pies? A footy favourite (via)

Steak and kidney. Meat and potato. Chicken balti. Or even just simple old pork. A half-time classic (hopefully not for the players), and equally enjoyable when shoveled down your neck in the comfort of your own home. As long as you don’t mind getting crumbs on the couch, grab one from Dennis Chippy in East London.

2. Yankee Doodle Dandy

Hot Dog

Hot damn (via)

Americans may have been foolish enough to try and split the beautiful game into four quarters, but this invention is a winner when it comes to staving off matchday hunger. And even more importantly,  it’ll stay in your hand when you jump up from the couch. Try the foot-long Flavaz Hot Dog from Flavaz in Manchester, and don’t forget the mustard.

3. A Proper Handful

Burger and Chips

An unusual sight: salad on a matchday burger (via)

Matchday burgers are simple affairs: onions (charred), patty (charred), bap (dusty). A splodge of ketchup so large the whole thing’s a challenge from the very start. Couch bound, it’s time to grab a plate, don your napkin like a bib and chow down. If you’re feeling adventurous, crashed out in front of the telly would be a great place to tackle the monumental Skyscraper Burger from Spice of the City, Glasgow, which is imaginatively topped with lamb donner (and they even deliver until a Brazil-friendly four in the morning).

4. A Great One-Two

Fish 'n' Chips

Newspaper, bag, cone or plate? (via)

Now we’re back in British territory. Is a great steaming bagful of fish and chips practical at the match? Of course not, it’s a mess, and those tiny plastic forks are close to useless. But, for me there’s nothing quite like the unique combination of battered fish and salty chips, and watching this summer’s football at home is the perfect opportunity to get a fix without dropping food everywhere. Asim in Birmingham delivers huge portions of our national dish, and will ensure it’s hot, crispy and fresh when you tip it onto your plate.

5. Stadium Food to Share? Back of the Net!


The kind of slices we DO want to see (via)

Alright, I admit, it’s not seen at every ground, and no, it’s not particularly traditional, but pizza is making headway in the football world. hungryhouse favourite Papa John’s – with branches all the way from Bath to Edinburgh and beyond – is now the official pizza of the football league, and pizza stands are not as rare a sight as they used to be. Got some mates round for the opening match? Tear and share, slice by slice, and have the cold leftovers to fight the hangover the next day.

The Wildcard: Prawn Sandwiches

A Brigade Favourite

A Brigade Favourite (via)

OK, I know that not everyone who will be following the tournament will be full time football junkies the rest of the year. For them, perhaps the king prawn sandwiches from Randa in Kensington are the a good choice (and I’m sure Roy Keane would agree).