The Takeaway Alphabet

Use our Alphabet of Takeaway to decide what to have for dinner!

🌎 Game 1
Close your eyes and take a stab at your keyboard. Whichever letter you land on is your answer — hit the #7 key? Try again…but that’ll be 7 of whatever’s next. (Fair’s fair.)

🍳 Game 2

Complete your full dinner with your initials.
So say your name is…Gemma. Gemma Clare Collins, perhaps. Well, then it’s garlic prawns and 2 orders of cheesy chips. It’s a roll of the dice, really.

⚡️ Game 3
Item #1: your 1st pet’s name.
Item #2: the street you grew up on.


A: Avocado roll
B: Bacon burger
C: Cheesy chips
D: Duck pancakes
E: Edamame

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B is for Bacon Burger, your best bud.


F: Falafel
G: Garlic prawns
H: Hake & Halibut fish fry
I: Ice Cream
J: Jerk chicken

F is for falafel, a faithful friend.


K: Kebab
L: Lamb shish
M: Macaroni and cheese
N: Naan
O: Onion Rings

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M is for Mac’n’cheese, a mature mate.


P: Pizza
Q: Quesadilla
R: Rogan Josh
S: Savaloy
T: Tom Yum

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R is for Rogan Josh, a reliable relation.


U: Udon
V: Vindaloo
W: Wings
X: XO sauce
Y: Yam fries
Z: Zaatar (manaeesh, fatayer…freebased…)

W is for Wings, a warm well-wisher.

Have we messed up and permanently inscribed in the takeaway annals of history the wrong item? Tell us off in the comments!

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