Margarita pizza

5 Takeaway Classics and Why We Love Them

Some meals are simply timeless – dishes that we will enjoy again and again from our local takeaways, regardless of what exciting new cuisines become available in our local area. I still enjoy the same fish, chips and gravy combo that I had when I was a kid – it’s something I keep coming back to, like a classic film.

So what are the Casablancas, Citizen Kanes and Terminators (yes it is!) of the takeaway world? Here’s my top 5 – and why!

1. The Hamburger is the Taste of America

There’s bacon. There’s Southern fried chicken. There’s onion rings, and there’s filets o’ fish. Whatever new additions arrive and variations occur, the simple hamburger has proved time and time again to be resistant to change. Just salad, sauce, a fat, juicy burger patty and maybe a slice of cheese, and you hold in your hands a hefty slab of the American Dream. Unbeatable.

2. The Margarita’s Cheesy Charm Endures


A simple, sizzling masterpiece (via)

You can get whatever you want on your pizza nowadays – chicken tikka, or even a full English breakfast. However, we keep coming back to that perfect pairing – cheese and tomato. According to legend, the Margarita was invented in 1889 to commemorate the Italian Queen Margarita. The colours of the Italian flag are represented by the red of the tomato, the green basil and the white, creamy mozzarella cheese.

3. The Birmingham Balti is a UK Tradition

lamb balti

Born in India, bred in Birmingham

The UK’s spin on the Indian curry has been so magnificent as to qualify as a tradition in its own right. Tikka masala is the famous British mutation of an Indian dish, but perhaps it’s Birmingham’s elegant invention that is really deserving of special praise. Balti is thick, chunky and medium-hot, and is best enjoyed with a huge, soft garlic naan and some fragrant pilau rice, from somewhere like the fabulous Quinton Balti in Birmingham.

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4. Nigiri is THE Sushi to Order

Nigiri Sushi

Dunk in soy and enjoy (via)

Maki’s the go-to sushi in Britain, but over in Japan they consider nigiri – mouthful-sized rice balls covered with a tasty chunk of fish – to be the real deal. You’ll find that you really only need a few of these for a good hearty meal, as they are made to be exactly the size of one large mouthful each. Go for a nigiri-leaning platter from Feng Sushi in Chalk Farm.

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5. Never Underestimate a Well Made Chow Mein

Chow Mein

Delicious (via)

While you’ve ended up making friends with sweet & sour or beef in black bean sauce, chow mein is still carrying on, quietly remaining a popular choice on Chinese takeaway menus. Chunky, al dente noodles with stir fried veg, prawns and chicken, and a healthy dash of soy – the result is everything we love about Chinese cuisine in one wok.