The Perfect Sunday Roast

Craving a roast dinner, but can’t be bothered to cook? Look, we’ve gotta be straight with you: getting a full, traditional Sunday Roast dinner delivered is no easy feat. Not many takeaways in the UK offer this service — they know they can’t compete with Dad’s divine roast and Mum’s mash — but we’ve got great takeaways throughout the UK who savour the challenge. If you’re in the following locations, you’re in luck…


Lamb, chicken, and even vegetarian roast suppers!


Beef or lamb? Cafe Express’s roast dinners both come with all the fixings, so which will it be…

Cafe Express

Takeaways with all the trimmings

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These takeaways pride themselves in delivering the full works when it comes to a crackin’ Sunday roast: succulent slices of your favourite meats, veg, stuffing, and the obligatory lashings of extra-thick gravy.


So many Sunday dinners at the Greek Grill to choose from…where to begin??

The Greek Grill



Leeds has a strong pot roast game. Be a bit unconventional at Munch Box and take yours with chips!

Munch Box

Roast Dinners can be found in unusual places. Here’s a beautiful Sunday roast served with roasties, Yorkshire pudding — and a choice of creamy mash or rice & peas!

Island Grill

Sunday Roast lunch, starring sausage, mash and Yorkshire pudding…all from your local breakfast spot!

Daisy Cafe




Roast chicken, beef, lamb, gammon steak, and even a children’s roast meal in Birkenhead!

Heliya Cafe Bar


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Why choose?? You can get a THREE-MEAT roast dinner.

Work Shop Cafe


Order Sunday roast delivery on hungryhouse

Our top tips for finding a hearty and homely Sunday meal in your area: dust off ye ol’ thesaurus! You can certainly filter your local hungryhouse takeaways by categories like “Modern British” and “Gastro” but you might be surprised by where you find the roast dinner of your dreams.

Try searching menus (the search box at the top of the restaurant search results page) not just by “roast,” but related items like “Sunday lunch,” “pudding,” “roasted vegetables,” and “gravy”…and try to keep the stomach-growling at bay as you peruse. Crispy Fish & Chips? Classic savoury meat pies? A whole dang rotisserie chicken? There are plenty of other homely meals for delivery on hungryhouse that may catch your eye… Simply enter your post code in the box below for some mouth watering Sunday lunch options.