The Top 5 Kebabs EVER

May is classic month here at hungryhouse, and as the weather turns bloomin’ lovely, it’s time to turn our attention to the king of summer snacks, the late night hunger-buster – it’s the humble kebab!

After all those long afternoons at the park, in the beer garden or the backyard, you’re going to have to chow down on something eventually. Our advice? Avoid to heat of the kitchen and make the acquaintance of a truly irresistible classic kebab.

Kebabs are ideal as either light bites or a satisfying main, and are sure to become your new summer love. Want some inspiration? Here’s our rundown of the five finest fillings ever to grace a pitta bread – time to get hungry!

#5. Falafel

Who knew chickpeas could be so downright moreish? Deep fried to spherical perfection, falafel is the veggie filling of choice when you’re after a nicely satisfying light bite. Lovely with a dollop of garlic sauce or tzatziki.

Some flippin’ fine falafel: Falafel House, Colchester

#4. Lamb Kofta

Some people go for shish – tender chunks of lamb steak, marinated and skewered – but to my mind the spicy goodness of lamb kofta has to take a place in our top 5. Flavoured with an aromatic mix of herbs and spices, this meaty filling is always sure to hit the spot.

The kings of kofta: Wrap It Up, Bishopsgate

#3. Halloumi

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The world’s most delicious squeaky food is slap bang in the middle of our top five for a reason. The irresistible texture, the super-savoury flavour and its flexibility as a filling means it is a great vegetarian choice, and pairs beautifully with almost any sauce you fancy slathering over your kebab.

Heavenly halloumi: Chamisse Lebanese, London

#2. Chicken

Growing rapidly in popularity, the humble chicken kebab is the hearty, hunky kebab of choice when you feel the need for something moreish. Fresh from the grill, chunky chicken is smoky in flavour, and simply cries out for a big blob of sauce and a side order of crunchy fries.

Our choicest chicken: Kebab Express, London

#1. Donner

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That’s right, you’re late night favourite – and mine – takes the title of being the #1 kebab in the UK. Whether served in a hot flatbread with a shedload of salad and sauce, or simply with a portion of steaming hot chips, donner meat reigns supreme in the nation’s kebab-loving consciousness. Don’t forget the chilli sauce – it’s an absolute must.

The dons: Lime House Kebab, London