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The UK’s Most Ordered Pizzas

Who among us hasn’t made a drunken bet or gotten into a heated fight over which pizza is THE Most Popular?

Just us?
OK, fine, but we know that when it comes down to it, you’re going to want to keep these factoids in your back pocket. I’ve been sworn to secrecy on the exact numbers, but let me tell you, #10 is a SHOCKER. The number of these cheesy pies sold in the UK is, shall we say…fishy.

Without further delay, here are…

The UK’s 10 Most Ordered Pizzas!


1. Margherita
1. b) Cheese and Tomato

This was a real head-scratcher. A true test of our editorial prowess. Listing these two together? You see, Margherita technically is distinguished by the crucial addition of basil. And, truth be told, even apart, these old standards crush the competition. But what can we say. We’re simple people.

2. Pepperoni

You know it by many jazzy names: Pepperoni Plus, Pepperoni Feast, Pepperoni Lover, even Pepperoni Passion, but whatever you call it, it’s pepperonilicious.

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3. Meat Feast (AKA Meaty One, All the Meats, Mighty Meaty, Mega Meat…you get the idea.)

4. Hawaiian

Gotta say, I did not see this one coming. Especially since it came so close to the top three. So close we nearly had our staff metallurgist craft a second bronze medal.

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5. BBQ Chicken

My personal favourite. Look me in the computer-screen eyes and tell me you can resist the alluring combo of bbq-sauced chicken, tangy red onion, creamy dressing and perhaps even a titch of salty, crumbly bacon. That’s what I thought.

6. Vegetarian

Whether good ol’ fashioned mild (and stacked with all the classic garden greens) or the jalapeno-laden hot varietal, this is a divisive choice among all pizza-eaters. Personally, I only go for this option when I’ve not done due diligence in getting my 5 a day…all week. Otherwise, isn’t good ol’ cheese vegetarian enough??

7. Create Your Own

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? It could be anything!!

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For example, this pepperoni, buffalo mozzarella and jalapeno combo. Why not?

8. Quattro Formaggi

This IS a distinct pizza. Not just “cheese”. FOUR TYPES OF CHEESE.
You got your Mozz, your Gorg, your Parm, and creamy creamy ricotta.

9. Capricciosa

Faaaaaaaancy. Mozzarella, ham, mushroom, artichoke and tomato. Only years of dedicated Italian experimentation could bring forth such an epic and inspired combination.

☆ Strong top 9. But are we prepared for the curveball that inched its way into the top 10 most ordered pizzas in the UK?

Are you ready??

10. Seafood

WHAT. THE. #%^!

Listen, mate. (OR rather, MATES…a fair few thousand of you.) We need to have a talk. There is just so much “No” being shouted in my head right now. Give me a minute.

OK I took my minute and I’m still not ready to talk. But from doing the deep-dive in the data, we can come to a few important conclusions:

1. The people love pizza.
2. Any kind of pizza.
3. We humans are mostly made of pizza.

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