Top Japanese Takeaways in London

Not so long ago, Japanese food was considered pretty exotic even to the most adventurous Londoner. Luckily that’s all changed in recent times and it’s never been easier to enjoy a home delivery order of Japanese sushi, teppanyaki, tempura and ramen from some of London’s top quality Japanese restaurants.

Top Sushi Restaurants in London


YouMe Sushi

When YouMe Sushi opened in London, it was an instant sensation with people raving about the high quality and perfectly sticky sushi rice. A large part of the success is due to YouMe Sushi’s dedication to fresh and local ingredients as well as their obsession to kept a strict adherence to the art of sushi making, never compromising quality or taste. And it’s obvious to see in their extensive sushi menu featuring the stunning dragon roll with crispy prawns with avocado and sweet unagi sauce among others.
Upper Level, Westfield London W12 7SL


At Koi in Kensington, it’s more than just a sushi restaurant. Koi makes proper quality Japanese dishes like spicy duck udon soup and king prawn tempura. Their meat dishes are bursting with tender beef with teriyaki sauce and chicken yakitori skewers come highly recommended and are by far the most popular. For the serious Japanese food lover, Koi is waiting to impress you.
1E Palace Gate, Kensington London W8 5LS


You can tell a lot about a Japanese takeaway restaurant by their sashimi and Yuzu’s menu features some of the more interesting types of sashimi beyond simple salmon and tuna. There’s seabass and yellow tails with ponzu sauce or miso vinaigrette. It keeps the locals coming back again and again because top notch sashimi in surprisingly hard to find in this city.
102 Fortune Green Road, West Hampstead London NW6 1DS

best sushi restaurants


Sushi Express

But when it comes to sushi, Sushi Express takes the art of sushi-making to the next level. With more sushi options than you can poke a stick out, each roll is put together with the freshest and finest ingredients to produce some truly spectacular sushi. There are the classics like the salmon maki, spicy tuna rolls and California rolls but where Flying Fish Sushi really shines is in their special and highly intricate sushi rolls. There’s the magnificent roll perfectly suited for vegans with deep fried sweet potato and avocado highly popular volcano roll with spicy salmon and tuna topped with crab and sweet chilli sauce and sesame seeds to tempt the most adventurous sushi-eater. Judging by the number of return customers, Sushi Express must be doing something right.
348 Ground Floor Battersea Park Road, London SW11 3BY


Takeaway restaurant Slurp gets its name from the impressive selection of ramen noodle soup dishes that spot the menu. Although Slurp is a Japanese takeaway restaurant, you won’t see sushi on the menu. Here, noodles are king with amazingly flavourful ramen, udon and soba bowls like the spicy chilli beef ramen with char grilled sirloin steak and crispy shallots or the salmon and prawn ramen with succulent grilled salmon, king prawns and wakame. For this ultimate Japanese comfort food, Slurp has you well taken care of.
104-106 Streatham High Road, Streatham, London SW16 1BW

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