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Fast, easy & free takeaway delivery in Colchester 

Word on the street is that Colcestrians lay claim to being the oldest town in Britain -- but that’s no reason for stodgy takeaway. We’re here to make sure all you legends have the newest and freshest takeaway at your fingertips. Take a spin around the Roman circus, and come home to succulent fried chicken and sweet potato fries cooked to perfection; or kick back with a curry while watching the footie with your best mates. (The best bit is dipping the naan bread in the curry sauce, isn't it?) You don’t even need to leave the couch to place your order, just make your choice and in a couple of clicks your meal will be on the way to you.

Order takeaway online in London

Simple online ordering at your own pace

Put that CO postcode to good use and pop it into our search engine to find your choice of pizza, Chinese, Indian and more. Placing your order couldn’t be easier, and it’s completely secure: pay on our app or website, with a wide range of payment methods (Paypal, Apple Pay, Android Pay, AMEX, to name a few). If you have a special request for the restaurant, you can leave them a message via the instructions field. It’s easy to do and the takeaway will receive it immediately. Perfect if your house is hard to find or you want an extra bit or salad (said no one ever). 

Easy delivery, the best takeaway in London

Find the best takeaway in Colchester 

From Bella Pizza, with its menu of generously-topped pizzas and cheesy garlic bread, to Fai’s Noodle Bar on St Botolph’s Street and its menu of delectable stir-fried soft noodles, we’ve got to say...Colchester’s a tough one to beat for best takeaway choices in Essex. And we can’t forget Bombay Palace’s Indian cuisine: not only does their extensive menu have all your favourite classics (Tandoori, anyone?) but they have a number of unique signature dishes to spice up your supper: sign us up for a lobster balchao! Check out each restaurant's menu and the choice is yours. You really can’t go wrong!