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Okay, so Darlington is home to the first ever passenger railway. That’s cool, sure, but you know what’s really changed the world? TAKEAWAY. (Steam power, steam power.) You’ll never go hungry because there are dozens of restaurants delivering delicious meals, straight to your door...try getting a train conductor to do that for you! Speaking of steam, how about some beautifully steamed Chinese pork ribs and rice? Or maybe it’s a dim sum kinda day. Darlington’s chefs are versatile, so if you’d rather your supper came out of a stone oven, that could mean you’re after a pizza. (OK, that’s 100% what that would mean -- but after all, ‘zza is quite possibly the best food ever created, so fair enough.) Cheesy pizza? Steamy dumplings? The choice (and more) is yours!

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Pay securely on our website or app using Paypal, Apple Pay, Android Pay or major credit cards, including AMEX. If you’ve got a request for the restaurant, just leave them a message with your order and they’ll go the extra mile to make sure it happens. Put that DL postcode of yours to use and order up your choice of pizza, Chinese, Indian (and more) -- you have nothing to lose but your hunger.

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Choose from any number of the best takeaways in Darlington. Check out top-rated pizzerias such as Siciliano or Star Pizza...so many toppings to suit everyone’s taste buds! Go half-and-half, go traditional, or go just plain wild and make up your own crazy concoction. Or perhaps instead you’d fancy a ride on the sizzling spice train? Destination: Deliciousness. That’s one Spice of Life coming right up. Crunchy poppadoms and mango chutney to start, a spicier kick courtesy of one of Darlington’s favourite takeaways. Remember to make sure your chosen restaurant delivers in your area before you place your order – just pop in your postcode to see.