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Wey aye, pet, there’s a canny few belter takeaways in Durham! You’ve probably already got a favourite takeaway in town that you’re leaning toward -- we admit we’ve got our tried-and-true recommendations as well (check ‘em out below). But if you’re indecisive on the question of scran (scrandecisive?), just think hard about what your body is craving. Really concentrate, and your stomach will reveal all… Stomach: “stuffed crust, sausage and pepperoni, stringy cheese, all piping hot and ready to be devoured…” Stomach #2: “a sizzling and spicy Bengal balti with garlic naan…” Stomach #3987: “a juicy doner kebab with creamy yoghurt and all the toppings…” Whatever your stomach(s) might be craving, we got you covered!

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If you’ve got a special request for the restaurant, just leave a note and they’ll do their best to meet your preferences, whether you’ve opted for pizza, Chinese, or Indian (or anything else, of course!) Then, paying is just as easy. You can do so securely using Paypal, Apple Pay, Android Pay, AMEX and other major credit cards. Or, if cash is more your thing, you can pay the delivery driver when they arrive at your door. Proper class.

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Whatever did happen to Tony Soprano after the final-final credits of The Sopranos? It’s a much-debated topic that fans of the show have been discussing since the show ended. But wait, what have we here...Sopranos Durham? Did Tony, Carmela, Meadow, and Anthony Jr. upsticks and move to North East England? There’s only one way to find out: burger-ordering and kebab-eating detective work! Do your sleuthing in sloth, and have yourself a Sopranos Special chicken burger while you’re at it... Not a fan of mob drama? No worries, Mizan in Framwellgate Moor is on hand for you spice heads. A handy thali will cover all your curry bases, from popadom and pakora, to Kabuli lamb and keema pilau.