Frequently asked questions
About hungryhouse

What is hungryhouse?

hungryhouse is an easy to use website that lets users access thousands of restaurants' menus to find tasty takeaway food without the hassle.

How much does it cost?

Our service is completely free to use. You pay the restaurant the same amount as you normally would. Sometimes you pay less if you qualify for a special offer or one of our discounts!

What is hungryhouse?

hungryhouse is an easy to use website that lets users access thousands of restaurant's menus to find tasty takeaway food without the hassle.

How will my order be sent to the restaurant?

hungryhouse sends the orders to our restaurant partners using lots of new technology, as well as everyday means of communication.

We send most of our orders through a hungryhouse terminal directly through to the restaurant. The terminal prints out the order which helps to avoid any errors that could be made when ordering over the phone. We also have a new POS system to transmit your orders called 9cookies. This system is run from a tablet device and connected to a printer. Some orders are also sent by email or SMS.

Why should I use hungryhouse?

hungryhouse gives you instant access to lots of restaurants in your local area. We save you time as you can re-order from your favourite restaurants, you don't have to spend time calling the restaurant to place your order and you can plan ahead by placing pre-orders.

You can also save money when ordering through hungryhouse. You can benefit from hungryhouse and restaurant discounts that may not be available when ordering over the phone. You can also find new restaurants in your area that offer cheaper alternatives than where you normally order from.

With hungryhouse you can also review your meal and read other user's reviews to inform you about the quality and service different restaurants provide.

Do I need to be a member to order?

You don't have to be a member to use our website. You can place an order as a guest. However, there are many benefits to creating an account such as access to special offers and re-ordering from your favourite restaurants. Joining hungryhouse is free and quick.

How long does it take for my order to reach the restaurant?

When you place an order we send the the order to the restaurant immediately. Orders typically get confirmed by the restaurant staff in seconds. Sometimes this may take a little longer if the restaurant is busy but we will always send you an SMS and email confirmation.

In the very rare event that the restaurant has not accepted your order our customer support team will give them a call to try and manually confirm the order with them. Depending on the outcome you will get a confirmation of the order by SMS and email. If we are unable to contact the restaurant after a period of 20 minutes, we will decline the order so that you can make alternative arrangements. If the order was paid by card the funds will remain on your account for the remainder of the evening, allowing you to place an order with another restaurant. If you choose not to do so, an automatic refund will be issued.

Who delivers my meal?

All restaurants are responsible for their own deliveries, so your meal will be delivered by the staff of the restaurant you have ordered from. does not offer its own delivery service at present. If you have a problem with your delivery you can call the restaurant. If they are unable to help you are welcome to get in touch with hungryhouse customer care who can liaise with the restaurant on your behalf.