Frequently asked questions
Account security

I don't recognise the hungryhouse transaction

If you didn't place an order with hungryhouse, but there is a transaction on your account/statement, please contact Customer Care to investigate further.

Please have to hand the date and amount of the transaction, and either the last 4 digits of the credit card number, or your PayPal payer email.

I'm getting a message meant for someone else

This may be because someone has accidentally entered a digit or two incorrectly on their own order, accidentally matching your number.

However, if this happens please get in touch with us so we can investigate the issue.

How do I change my account info?

On the 'Account Settings' page you can amend saved details. This is where to edit your name or update the primary phone number saved to your account.

Here you can also see a list of all saved payment methods used on your previous orders. To remove a saved payment method just click the green trash icon to the right of it.

In the 'Locations' section you can add and remove delivery addresses and edit your details, including phone number & email address. This is especially important for ensuring you receive all order updates.