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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find restaurants that deliver?

On Find a restaurant, choose "Delivery" from the Delivery or Collection dropdown listbox and press the Go button. Make sure your postcode is entered so we can find restaurants that deliver to you.

How do I filter restaurants?

On the restaurant listings you can click the cusine that you want to order. You may select multiple cuisines if you wish. If you are unsre what you would like you can select all and use one of our other filters to search for the best deal or free delivery.

How do I find a particular dish or menu item?

Enter the name of the dish in the Search textbox and press the Search button. Restaurants that serve this dish will then appear underneath.

How do I search for a specific restaurant?

Enter the restaurant's name in the search bar and press the Search button. A list of restaurants containing this name will appear underneath.

How do I start ordering?
There are two ways to start ordering from a restaurant:

- In your search results, click on the Delivery/Collection icons or click on the restaurant name.

- For members, click on the re-order icon for an order from that restaurant in you Order History.