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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to join hungryhouse to use a gift voucher?

Gift vouchers can only be redeemed one time, and are processed as a credit on a member account. Even if the entire balance is used on your first order, we have to process the voucher against a hungryhouse member account in order for it to be used. If you require a full or partial refund, it will be credited back to this account balance for future use. 

How do I buy a hungryhouse gift voucher?
How do I use the gift voucher to pay for my order?

After you have redeemed a gift voucher, it will be added to your account balance. Select account balance during checkout to use the gift voucher for your order. 

Which restaurants honor the gift voucher?

All of them. Any order placed with hungryhouse can use a gift voucher as payment. 

Is a gift voucher refundable?

No. Once purchased, a gift voucher must be redeemed and used within one year. 

Is my gift voucher balance transferable to another hungryhouse account?

No. Once redeemed, the gift voucher is attached to the account it was redeemed against. 

How do I check my gift voucher balance?

After you have redeemed the gift voucher, simply log in to your account. Select the My Account tab and check your balance. 

Can I buy a gift voucher with my gift voucher?

No. Gift vouchers can only be used to place an order. 

What if my order total is higher than my gift voucher balance?

If your order total is higher than your gift voucher balance, you can pay the balance with a credit or debit card.

Does the credit card surcharge apply when I use a gift voucher?

Yes. Some restaurants may add a credit card surcharge to orders placed online to cover fees associated with electronic payment processing, regardless of electronic payment method used. 

Can a hungryhouse gift voucher be used in person at a restaurant?

No. Gift vouchers issued by hungryhouse are only redeemable for orders placed through hungryhouse for take away or delivery.

Can a gift voucher be used for more than 1 order?

Yes. Any order you place using a gift voucher will deduct that order's total from the gift voucher balance. Any remaining balance will be available for future purchases. 

Can gift vouchers be used in the iPhone app?

Yes. Be sure to get the most recent update of the iPhone app to use gift vouchers for your order.

Do gift vouchers expire?

Gift Vouchers are valid for 1 year from their original purchase date.

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