Other questions

My postcode is unrecognised

Our system is updated regularly from the Royal Mail database of UK postcodes. However, new builds or new postcodes may not yet be updated. Just get in touch if your postcode is not recognised so we can find a solution to get you a tasty takeaway!

I don't have a UK phone number

A UK mobile or landline phone number is required to place an order on hungryhouse.

Can I order in advance?

If you're feeling organised then instead of ASAP delivery you can place a pre-order and select the time you wish the food to arrive.

About 45 minutes before your selected ETA we will send it through to the restaurant and then notify you via push notification or SMS message that it has been received and accepted by them.

It is important to remember that even pre-order times are subject to change upon confirmation.

How do I track my order?

When your order is confirmed by the restaurant we will send you an ETA, letting you know when they plan to deliver. The restaurant should then notify you directly via SMS when the food has left the restaurant and is en route to you.

For an update on your order's delivery status, it is best to contact the restaurant directly. Otherwise, a member of our team would be happy to do that on your behalf.

I'm getting a weird error

First, please make sure you have the most up-to-date app downloaded. If so, refresh the app before trying again.

For website hiccups, it is best to clear the cache in your web browser or try an alternate browser — we find that Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox work best!

There may be a payment issue, in which case it is best to contact your payment provider directly to work out if the payment is being blocked for security reasons.

If you still have no success then please contact us so a member of the Customer Care team may offer assistance and, if necessary, report the issue to our resident tech geniuses to investigate.