Frequently asked questions
Restaurant Reviews

What are restaurant reviews?

Restaurant ratings allow the hungryhouse community to benefit from the shared experiences of its members.

Each order may be rated on factors of quality, service and value by a customer.

All ratings are then combined to produce an average rating for a restaurant. These are displayed in the search results once a minimum number of ratings have been received and will affect the restaurant's ranking on the website.


How should I write a review?

Honest, constructive customer reviews are perhaps one of the greatest strengths of our service. We hope you will write your review with the community in mind. We want people browsing our website to be able to make an informed decision before picking a local restaurant from our listings, so please go into as much detail as you can about the food and service you received.

Also bear in mind that the managers of our partner restaurants frequently check their review pages, so try to offer helpful and constructive feedback that they can act on to offer better experiences to future customers.

Try to stay on topic, and only describe your experience with the order being reviewed. If you explicitly advise that people should not order from the restaurant you ordered with, or if you mention a competitor restaurant, we are not able to publish your review. For a full list of house rules that your review must abide by, please click here.


What does the number beneath each rating mean?

This shows the number of orders rated by customers in the last 6 months.

How do I post my review to the website?

Members can sign in, click on Order history and click on the ‘Rate this order’ link. The ‘Rate this order’ option disappears if the order has already been rated.

If you ordered as a guest, you will receive an automated email the morning after your order, inviting you to rate and review your experience. Just follow the link in that email to submit your rating.

Remember, your rating applies to your whole order - not just a single item. Try to give fair ratings, so that the whole community can judge who are the best takeaways in town.


When will my review be posted on the website

Once an review has passed moderation and satisfies the house rules it will appear on the  website. This process normally takes 72 hours.


How do I view my past ratings?

You can view your ratings from Order History. An average of your ratings and the community ratings are also available in the search results while finding a restaurant.


When does my individual rating for an order affect the restaurants overall ratings?

Ratings are counted and compiled overnight. A rating submitted on any given day, will count toward the score published on the following day.


How are the restaurant's overall ratings calculated?

The ratings are simply an average of all the individual order ratings received from customers within the last six months. The rating is not created or endorsed by hungryhouse, it's an accurate reflection of the feedback that has been submitted by people who have ordered from that takeaway.

After six months, all ratings and reviews are automatically purged, so the community rating displayed will always reflect the current service levels.

Will I get a response from the restaurant?

We encourage our partner restaurants to publically reply to customer reviews. As such, you may see a reply beneath your review on the page.


How do I remove feedback that I have left?

To remove feedback, please contact us. A member of our customer support team will remove your review as requested and reply to your message to confirm this has been done as quickly as possible.

Can I write a review of hungryhouse?

Your review should only provide feedback about the restaurant you have ordered from, as it will be published on their page. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the hungryhouse service, please contact us through the contact page or email us directly at:


How often can I write a review?

You can Rate and Review a restaurant every time that you buy from it.

Will everyone know who left this rating?

When we display your feedback, your first name and area (e.g. Mandy, SW1) will be shown. No further personal information will be published on the website.

In the event that a restaurant contacts hungryhouse to ask for the contact details of a reviewer, we will always suggest they communicate through us, rather than advising them to contact you directly, as your privacy is important to us.

What is Review of the Week?

The review system at hungryhouse allows our customers to make a more informed decision when ordering a takeaway.

To encourage regular, descriptive reviews and increase participation in this part of the site, we started the "Review of the Week" competition.

Each week, our Customer Support team will choose entrants for the competition from the reviews submitted. The more descriptive and informative (or amusing!) the review, the more chance you have of being entered.

Every Friday, the "best" review will be selected from the list of entrants, and this person will receive £25 worth of hungryhouse credit.