Special dietary needs

Dietary tags

Menu items may be tagged with icons specifying if they are vegetarian, vegan, contain nuts, are gluten-free, hot and spicy, or if they contain alcohol. However, not all restaurants use these tags on their menus.

If you have specific dietary needs or allergies, please contact the restaurant directly for confirmation. 

Special requests

When adding items to your basket, you also have the option to add a special request note — no cheeky freebie requests, though!

Otherwise, if you need to make any more specifications about your order in general, you can add them under "any notes for the restaurant" on the last stage of checkout.

Cuisine filters

A handy feature of our site is that restaurants can be filtered by cuisine type to help you identify restaurants that suit your needs. This filter contains options such as Halal or Vegetarian.

Halal certification

All our halal restaurants must provide up-to-date certification in order to be listed as "halal".