Reward Stamps

Reward stamps are a promotion available when ordering from participating restaurants. Customers who order from these restaurants can receive a 50% discount on their 6th order when they order from the same restaurant.

Stamps can be collected from participating restaurants at any time and with every payment method. However, reward stamps can only be redeemed Monday - Thursday with online paid orders. Each stamp is valid for 12 months.

The restaurants are entitled to withdraw from the offer at any stage but the customer is entitled to a pro rata discount based on the number of stamps already collected. The customer can then redeem these stamps within two weeks of the restaurant withdrawing. You will be informed of any withdrawal by email.

How do I keep track of how many stamps I've collected?

Your stamps will automatically be tracked on our site. When logged in, you'll see your stamps beneath the restaurant's name on their menu page. When you've collected all 5 stamps you need, the discount offer will automatically show up as available. Reward stamps information will also appear in your order placed emails.

How will I know that the discount has been applied to my order?

As you add items to your basket on your 6th order, you'll see the discount applied in the total. The cost will be clearly confirmed at every step. The discount will also show up in your order placed email.

Please note: The discount is applied to the total cost of items, excluding delivery fee and other surcharges.

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