There is a problem

My order is late

Try as we do to get your food to you on time, some things are sadly out of our control, meaning that delivery orders can occasionally be delayed.

The ETA can sometimes change but if the restaurant needs to extend the delivery time, hungryhouse will send you a notification.

If the food is over 10 minutes after the expected ETA, call the restaurant to check if the order is on its way. We're always happy to liaise with the restaurant on your behalf.

Reports of order delays allow us to better track restaurant performance and to implement support and improvements. 


My order was incorrect

Get in touch with us and let us know what was incorrect. We can liaise with restaurant to find a solution.

If you would prefer a refund, we will request this from the restaurant. From there, our refund process is the same as usual — check it out here!

My order is cancelled

If an order is unsuccessful or cancelled by the restaurant we will send you an SMS, push or email notification of the cancellation that outlines the next steps.

Online paid orders made from your hungryhouse member account will be refunded back to your account. You can then use the refund money to pay for a second order if you wish.

For online paid orders made through guest accounts, a link will be sent to you via email whereby you can upgrade your account to use the funds on a re-order.

If you decide not to place another order, the payment will follow our normal refund process — check it out here

Please note: It is recommended to not re-order with the same restaurant as it is likely they are not able to accept any more orders and it could be cancelled again. 



I didn't enjoy my food

We understand that sometimes food does not arrive as expected and you may not be happy with what you received.

It is best to speak to the restaurant directly to discuss the issues with the order and request a replacement or compensation, but we are always more than happy to facilitate that conversation.

Some restaurants require the food to be returned in exchange for refund or re-delivery; for this reason we always recommend contacting us or them before disposing of the food.

If the food has not been consumed, please take a photograph to send along with your complaint to so we can investigate with the restaurant directly.

My food never arrived

In the unlikely event your food does not arrive at all, we'll speak to the restaurant to work out what happened and confirm the cancellation & refund of the order itself.