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Aff yer heid with hunger, scunnered, and the weather’s pure baltic? Efter some scran and huvnae a scooby? Get yersel oan hungryhouse! Whether you fancy a sumptuous chicken tikka masala dripping in perfect sauce, or you’re craving mango chutney (and really anything to go with it, because everything does), you’re no more than a few minutes away from a Glasgow takeaway getting to work on your meal. Macaroni cheese pie to go with your pint? Roll and fritter -- or roll and sausage? Chips and cheese -- or salt and chili chips? Take your pick, whether it’s a favourite restaurant or you’re trying something new: pure dead brilliant.

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Ordering couldn’t be easier. Try checking out our list of Glasgow's Most Loved takeaways of 2017 and then select which pizza, Chinese, or Indian (to name a few) you want to order from, choose your meal (you can leave a message with the restaurant of any special requests), than pay securely using Paypal, Apple Pay, Android Pay, AMEX, and more. Gie it laldy!

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If you can’t decide what you fancy, much like when you can’t choose what to watch on Netflix, sometimes it helps to hear a few tailored suggestions: Italian Job Express does delivery, as do all of our takeaways, so how about having one of their famous pizzas served up, hot and fresh, right to your door. Glasgow’s got some of the best curry in the whole of the UK, so there’s no shortage of options. Indian Brasserie and The Jewels of Asia, to name just a couple all-stars, can help satisfy the weekly (OK, daily) craving for a thali/ Can’t decide, or have some fussy little ones? Spicy Fusion has a wide range of your favourites: burgers & chicken, Indian classics, kebabs and pizza... In the words of Glasgow greats Franz Ferdinand…”what you waiting for?”