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Hull is the UK’s 2017 City of Culture! It’s well deserved, we’d say. There is, however, another award we’d give… Hull, City of [Culinary] Culture. First place in the Takeaway tier. Division: Delicious.  There’s stiff competition, but just look at the takeaways you lucky people have the choice of ordering from – whether you want to stay in and watch telly with a rogan josh, or you’ve a family night planned over a pizza or two. Or perhaps you and your SO are craving something a bit spicier...Whatever you choose, ordering only takes a few clicks.

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Placing your order is easy, secure, and you can pay exactly how you like. Pop in your HU postcode and peruse your options for pizza, Chinese, or Indian (and more). Whether you’re using our website or you’ve downloaded our app, pay by Paypal, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and AMEX, to name a few. You probably know what you want already, so go on!

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Fancy trying something new tonight? Sutton Pizza and Kebab, on the other side of the river from the University of Hull, might just be for you. Their extensive menu of delicious treats ranges from pizza to kebabs, from burgers to chicken, delivered right to your home piping hot. Your stomach is jonesing for something else? Well, Moon River could be a shout. Take a look at what their Chinese and Thai menu has to offer. Order up some of their massive pork, chicken, or beef dishes -- just make sure you get enough to share with your friends or family! We always order an extra chow mein, just to be sure…*wink wink*.