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Fast, easy & free takeaway delivery in Ipswich

Ipswich isn’t just clams and chowder (no offence to either of those delicious dishes)! We’ll let you in on a little secret: the town is home to some of the very best restaurants in Suffolk. (No big surprise for the Ipswichians out there!) After a big footie match -- go Blues! -- what could be better than a spicy Bengal balti or a creamy korma? Or how about your favourite Chinese to cap off a lovely weekend stroll on the River Orwell? Now now, don’t all rush in one direction! After all, you hardly need to move a muscle to get your food, either -- apart from answering the door when your order arrives.

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Put that good ol’ IP postcode to work and your pizza, Chinese, or Indian (and more) will be with you before you know it. No need to move a muscle, let alone leave the house. Pick your restaurant, add your items, and pay securely by Paypal, Apple Pay, Android Pay or AMEX, to name a few, whether you’re using the website or the app. Get eating, friends!

Find the best takeaway in Ipswich

Feel like Ip-swiching things up (heh): check out Tim Lee in Whitton. Order up from their massive selection of Chinese pork, chicken, or beef dishes -- just make sure you get enough to share with your friends or family! We always order an extra chow mein, just to be sure…*wink wink*. If you’re after something a little spicier, Indian Village is for you. Reviewers rave that their Balti and Bangladeshi meals are sizzling hot, simply delicious, and right on time. And if you’re after comfort food, Nacton Fried Chicken in Suffolk might just be for you. Burgers & BBQ ribs galore!