Most Loved Coventry

Most Loved Coventry

Coventry's got a CV that is most impressive -- this postcode serves up a whole variety of different cuisines and makes the West Midlands especially proud with its top-notch pizza. You're spoiled for choice, whether you're after traditional pepperoni or a zany pineapple concoction. Which local spots made the cut? Here’s our low-down on some of Coventry's Most Loved in 2017.

Caspian Pizza

Meat Lovers rejoice! Caspian Pizza has Nottingham's collective back with their cheesy, dreamy 'zza. Let the feast begin!

  • Top dishMeat Feast Pizza
  • Location112 Far Gosford Street, Coventry
    CV1 5EA

Balti Hut

Mad geniuses are undoubtedly responsible for the keema naan. Putting minced lamb IN your naan? Perfection, just like Balti Hut's own.

  • Top dishKeema Naan
  • Location193 Melbourne Road, Earlsdon
    Coventry CV5 6JF

Jade Garden

The big debate at Jade Garden is which chicken dish is best: chow mein or sweet & sour chicken balls? (Just kidding: it's both, obviously.)

  • Top dishChicken Chow Mein
  • Location122 Clay Lane, Coventry
    CV2 4LT

Curry Club

How do you take your tikka masala? Curry club will cater to your personal Scoville scale, as with their #1 dish.

  • Top dishMild Tikka Masala
  • Location7 Minster Road, Coventry
    CV1 3AF

Flames Grill

Coventry loves Flames Grill and their monumental House Burger (hashbrowns IN the burger), always with a side of crisp chips. You heard it here first.

  • Top dishCheeseburger
  • Location72 Walsgrave Road, Coventry
    CV2 4EB

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