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Ordering Oriental takeaway on hungryhouse

Looking for Oriental takeaway? If you have something specific in mind, you might be thinking of Chinese, Vietnamese, or even the original “Orient” – the Middle East – for your takeaway of choice. Or perhaps you’re after something that might be called Pan-Asian or Asian Fusion, as well? Well, either way, it’s all here. For example, hungryhouse restaurants like Panda Oriental in London offer a wide range of Asian foods to suit every taste and mood, from Thai Tom Yum soup to Cantonese dim sum.

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The Best Asian cuisine

Taste de Oriental in Falkirk will keep you in spare rib supply and sorted for sizzling king prawn curry. Meanwhile, Lambeth’s Oriental Garden is all about Malaysian-style curries and special fried rice, chow mein and foo yung dishes. The biggest problem at hand? Just too much to choose from. Narrow down the best Asian and Oriental food in your area by first scoping out the UK’s Most Loved 2017 takeaways...and be in for only the best of the best.

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